REGION OF MURCIA Buses: tell me what colour I am and I’ll tell you where I’ll take you.

The new mobility map that has been launched today in the Region of Murcia may raise doubts among public transport users, who not only have to get used to the changes in lines and timetables, but also to the new image of the buses. Some residents find the array of different coloured buses on the streets confusing, especially in the city of Murcia, where several public transport companies coexist and where not all the vehicles have yet undergone bodywork and paintwork.
To clear up any doubts, here are the different buses that coexist in the Region.

Autobús de Monbus.

Red and white buses

The red and white buses operate exclusively in the municipality of Murcia and replace the yellow LATbus buses. They are responsible for public transport between the capital and its districts and belong to the Galician company Monbus, which took over the lines from LAT, which is no longer active after 40 years.

For the new design of the 87 vehicles (77 in service and 10 in reserve) the colour ‘Murcia red’ has been chosen together with white. It also includes the logo of Murcia City Council and TMP Transporte de Murcia y Pedanías.

he new image of these buses that connect Murcia and its districts will be incorporated progressively in the coming weeks, so for the time being buses with the new design and others in yellow will coexist

Autobuses de LAT circulando por Murcia.

Yellow buses

Although LATbus is no longer in charge of public transport in Murcia, now in the hands of Monbus, some of its buses are incorporated into the fleet of the Galician company and have not yet changed their image to red and white

Thus, for the moment, yellow buses can still be seen in the capital, although for a short time, as it is expected that in the next few weeks they will be converted to the red and white that the new Monbus buses are sporting at the moment.

Autobuses de Transportes de Murcia, conocidos como 'los Coloraos'

Small red buses (‘los coloraos’)

Known as ‘los coloraos’, these are shuttle buses that belong to Transportes de Murcia and make urban routes between the city centre of Murcia and the outskirts of the city. The fleet is made up of 24 buses powered by Compressed Natural Gas which are responsible for collective urban mobility in the city of Murcia.

Autobús verde, en funcionamiento desde hoy en Murcia.

Green buses

The image of the green buses that from today circulate in the Region of Murcia is the official one of the new intercity service of the Community, Movibus, which with 40 routes is in charge of the transport in the metropolitan area of Cartagena and the connections of Alcantarilla, Molina de Segura and Beniel with Murcia. The concessionaires, Alsa, Orbitalia and Interbús have been providing the new intercity transport services since Friday. Alsa is in charge of the Alcantarilla-Murcia and Cartagena metropolitan area concessions, while Orbitalia is in charge of the Beniel-Murcia concession, and Interbus is in charge of the Molina de Segura-Murcia concession

Autobús rojo y amarillo parado en la plaza Circular de Murcia.

Red and yellow buses

Like the green buses, the yellow and red buses that can be seen today in the Region are also used for intercity transport in the metropolitan areas of Murcia and Cartagena. The idea is that in the future the image of the vehicles will be unified and they will become green.

Autobús azul y blanco de Alsa, que opera en Cartagena.

Blue and white buses

The blue and white buses are only seen in Cartagena, as these are the buses that provide urban transport in the municipality.

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