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The new Andalusian Land Law enters into force and the regulations will be approved within six months.

The Andalusian Regional Minister for Development, Infrastructure and Territorial Planning, Marifrán Carazo

The Law of Impulse for the Sustainability of the Territory of Andalusia (Lista), known as the Land Law, came into force last Thursday (23 December) and the development regulations will be approved within six months.

This was stated on Thursday by the Regional Minister for Development, Infrastructure and Territorial Planning, Marifrán Carazo, who indicated that this law comes at the best time, when Andalusia needs to have a new, updated land law that will simplify urban planning and provide legal certainty for town councils and investors.

She stated that the development of the development regulations will continue, which will be approved as soon as possible, “in six months at the most”.

For the councillor, the important thing is that as of today, the law can begin to be applied and developed and has “sufficient guarantees in its transitional regime”, while the current regulations remain in force until the new ones are approved. “It comes into force with all the guarantees”, according to Carazo, who pointed out that the town councils can now begin to update or prepare their urban planning.

According to the Andalusian government, the new law proposes a new urban planning model that helps economic development and job creation in Andalusia as a whole, while offering legal certainty, avoiding the problems caused by the annulment of urban plans by the courts, as well as eliminating the existing regulatory tangle. It will also speed up the processing of plans, reducing deadlines and bureaucracy, by extending the use of the responsible declaration and giving a new treatment to administrative silence, so that the delay or inactivity of the Administration does not paralyse their processing.

It also opens up possibilities for small municipalities and rural Andalusia. One of its most important new features is the regulation of rural land, which will allow the construction of detached single-family homes on rural land, always respecting the environment and favouring the fight against depopulation.

The List opens up the possibility for local councils to draw up special plans to correct the environmental impact generated by groups of irregular buildings and to provide them with basic sanitation, water and electricity infrastructures, thereby guaranteeing minimum safety and health conditions.

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