The PP highlights “the achievements of Juanma Moreno’s Government” in Los Vélez, Almanzora and Levante

Javier A. García asks mayors and spokespersons to explain door to door the management of the PP in the Andalusian Government and the investments made in this legislature.

The president of the Partido Popular of Almería, Javier A. García, and the general coordinator and councillor for Agriculture of the Junta, Carmen Crespo, today closed a conference with mayors and spokespersons of the PP that was held in the town of Taberno, a meeting that is the starting signal for an election year in which the regional elections will be held.

Javier A. García stressed that the holding of this meeting is “historic” because it is the first time that parliamentarians and provincial delegates of the Andalusian Government have been accountable to mayors and spokespersons on the management that has been done in the Andalusian Government, a management thanks to which “the province of Almería is now the epicentre of the political decisions of a government that knows how to manage, which is municipalist and works for all residents equally regardless of the political colour of their City Council”.

The President of the PP has asked the mayors and spokespersons present, in view of the upcoming regional elections, to spread the message in every corner of the province that “the government of change works” and that thanks to it “in the province of Almeria has generated employment and wealth and has given certainty to the people of Almeria”.

He also stressed that Almeria was the engine of change in Andalusia and the Government of Juanma Moreno is giving it back to us with deeds, completed projects and investments.

“Almeria is growing twice as fast with a PP Government, it has become the province with the most self-employed in Andalusia, more than 62,000, and a very significant number of companies have been created despite the pandemic,” he said.

The president of the PP has expressed his conviction that Almeria, the engine of change in Andalusia, will manage to re-edit the Government of Juanma Moreno, and for this “we need you to be our loudspeaker so that the people of Almeria know the difference between PP and PSOE in a Government of the Junta”.

García Molina has reiterated the systematic mistreatment suffered by the province during the socialist governments and has recalled that Juanma Moreno has been the president who has visited Almeria more times, 42 times in three years, compared to 30 times in five years that Susana Diaz did it, 26 times in five years of Griñan and 23 times in six years of Chaves.

“Our province has come closer to San Telmo, it has managed to reactivate investments that have been paralysed for years and to invest more than ever, therefore, in the next elections we must know that there are only two options, either to support the PP so that Juanma Moreno continues to govern, or to support any other party so that Juan Espadas governs. We are playing a lot and with Juanma Moreno we will continue to grow and give certainty to each of the people of Almeria and Andalusia,” he said.

The closing ceremony was also attended by the General Coordinator and Minister of Agriculture of the Junta, Carmen Crespo, who recalled that today marks three years since a dream came true: “that the PP would govern in Andalusia”.

Crespo explained that Juanma Moreno has fulfilled a large part of his electoral programme in our province, despite the intention of some parties to “dynamite the possibilities of government in Andalusia”. In this sense, the PP coordinator described VOX’s failure to support the Andalusian Government’s budget as a “major mistake” and reminded that despite these obstacles “the Government of change will continue to move forward”.

In her speech, Carmen Crespo referred to the importance of health for the Government of Juanma Moreno, to which it has allocated 2,000 million euros more than the Socialist Party, also managing to increase by 30% the number of health professionals in our community.

She also referred to the importance for the Partido Popular of rural areas such as the municipality of Taberno and explained that while the policies of the PSOE meant that these municipalities were left without young people due to a lack of opportunities and employment, the Partido Popular considers it a priority to fill rural areas with life, generating economic opportunities for all.

Carmen Crespo also referred to important regulations approved by the Andalusian Government such as the Simplification Decree, the LISTA or the decree to regularise dwellings out of order. She also highlighted the importance of water in provinces such as Almeria and pointed out that the Andalusian Government will remain firm in its defence of the Tajo-Segura Transfer, as well as in the investment of the water canon to carry out fundamental hydraulic infrastructures for the municipalities of Almeria and Andalusia.

Finally, the General Coordinator of the PP has referred to the CAP and has regretted the policy carried out by the Government of Spain in this regard and that has been so detrimental to Andalusia and to our farmers and ranchers.

Crespo reminded us that in the face of a minister who does not believe in livestock farmers or our products, the Partido Popular will continue to defend them and always offer them its support and solidarity.

Ramón Fernández-Pacheco

After the intervention of the Mayor of Taberno, Antonio Martos, in which he thanked the PP of Almeria that his municipality has now become the political centre of the province, as well as the great help received from the Provincial Council and the Junta, the Secretary General of the PP of Almeria took the floor, Ramón Fernández-Pacheco, who stressed that thanks to the Government of Juanma Moreno “Almería is taken into account after 40 years of socialism” and so much so that he has recently pledged that only in 2022 there will be investments in public works for about 250 million euros in our province.

“Almeria has gone from being the forgotten province of Andalusia to being the province that is receiving the most interest from the Junta. Thanks to the PP Government, important works are being carried out, such as the Almanzora motorway. With the PSOE, many works did not go beyond the first stone. We are not like that. Our first stones are the first of many more that end up being the inauguration of these works,” he said.

Finally, he pointed out that the PP’s objective in 2022 is not to stop the change that has been set in motion in Andalusia.

“We have gone from being the land of unemployment with the Socialist Party to the land of opportunities with Juanma Moreno and the Popular Party. Andalusia today has the best possible government, a government that defends Andalusians and has become a national benchmark for stability, prosperity and freedom”, he concluded.

Round Table of parliamentarians and provincial delegates

During the event, a round table discussion was also held with the participation of the Andalusian parliamentarians and the territorial delegates of the Junta in Almeria, in which everything that the Andalusian Government has done in three years and which has meant a very important change for the province was highlighted.

Moderated by the delegate of the Andalusian Government in Almeria and deputy secretary of the PP in Almeria, Maribel Sanchez, the importance of the tax cuts carried out by the Government of Juanma Moreno has been highlighted; the works that have been carried out in Almeria after years blocked by the Socialist Party; the laws that have been passed to simplify administrative procedures or the measures that have been taken to mitigate the effects of the pandemic and improve health in the province.

The Andalusian parliamentarians have also highlighted the important work that is done every day in Parliament, recalling that the Andalusian Government has been characterised by dialogue with all political forces always thinking of the benefit of the Andalusians to move forward fundamental projects for the development of our land.

And for their part, the provincial delegates have explained the work they do every day at the head of the Delegations to unblock and implement projects that are a priority for the development of the province, a work that has been a great boost for Almeria.




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