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Unemployment in the province rises slightly in January

Unemployment increased in January, with respect to December, by 692 persons, an increase of 1.23%.

In January, unemployment increased in Almeria by 692 people compared to December. This figure represents an increase of 1.23 %, bringing the total number of unemployed in the province to 57,159 people.

In year-on-year terms, however, the decline continues, with 12,815 fewer unemployed, -18.31 %, compared to January 2021.

The number of unemployed this month is between that recorded in January 2019 (57,526) and that recorded in January 2020 (56,263) being much lower, as already mentioned, than the figure for last year, January 2021, which was 69,974 unemployed.

ERTE Covid-19 benefit recipients

As for the number of people receiving ERTE Covid-19 contributory benefit in Almeria, according to data from the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy published today, for the first time since February 2021 there has been a slight increase, from 860 workers in November 2021 to 951 workers in December 2021.

Distribution by sex, age and nationality

By gender, male unemployment stood at 24,565 unemployed men in January, while the total number of unemployed women was 32,594.

By age, the figure for youth unemployment, i.e. under 25 years of age, is 4,419 unemployed. Among those aged 25 and over, the number of unemployed is 52,740.

Of the total number of unemployed, 11,876 are foreign nationals.

Unemployment by economic sector

The increase in unemployment compared to last month is mainly in the services sector (608) followed by agriculture (96) and industry (24).

There was only a decrease in unemployment in the construction sector, with 36 fewer unemployed.

In January, in the province of Almeria the number of unemployed in the services sector was 37,231, in agriculture 7,460, in construction 5,310, in the group without previous employment 4,997, and in industry 2,161.


In January, the total number of contracts signed in the province was 24,525, which represents 1,064 fewer contracts than in the previous month, 4.16% less.

In year-on-year terms, hiring increased by 5,262 contracts, an increase of 27.32%.

Of the contracts signed in January, 4,090, or 16.68%, were permanent contracts, almost two points above the national average of 14.95%.

According to the sector of economic activity, 14,221 contracts were signed in January in the services sector, 7,816 in agriculture, 1,372 in construction and 1,116 in industry.

Of the total number of contracts signed, 9,576 were for foreign nationals.

Benefits in the month of December

According to the data published by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy for the month of December, expenditure on unemployment benefits in that month was 29.9 million euros.

The number of unemployment benefit recipients was 34,201. Of this figure, 14,103 were recipients of contributory unemployment benefit, 15,616 of unemployment benefit, 2,587 of the active insertion income and 1,895 of the subsidy for temporary agricultural workers.

Of the total number of beneficiaries of unemployment benefits, 8,462 are foreign nationals, which represents 4.08% of the national total. Among the foreign unemployment benefit recipients, 2,751 are from EU countries and 5,711 are from non-EU countries.

In December, the time taken for the recognition of the right to unemployment protection in Almeria was 3.74 days. The average amount of the contributory benefit received per beneficiary was 861.4 euros.

Social Security enrolment

During the month of January, the average Social Security affiliation in Almeria was 314,854 workers. This figure represents a decrease compared to December of 1,281 affiliates, 0.41% less. In year-on-year terms, average enrolment increased by 10,896 persons, 3.58% more than in January 2021.

Compared with January 2019, before the pandemic, when enrolment stood at 294,060 persons, there was an increase of 20,794 members, or 7% more.

At present, 252,598 workers are enrolled in the General Social Security Scheme in Almeria, 61,428 in the Special Scheme for Self-Employed Workers (RETA), and 827 in the Special Scheme for Sea Workers.

Of the 252,598 workers affiliated to the General Social Security Scheme, 56,598 belong to the Special Agrarian System and 2,503 to the Special System for Household Employees.


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