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Justice orders Albox Town Hall to remove flowerpots from the door of a disabled child’s house

As a precautionary measure, the judge ordered the removal of the planters obstructing the entrance to the house and the provision of a parking space for the disabled.

The court has ordered, as a precautionary measure until a final judgement is passed, “the removal of the planters and any other obstacles obstructing access to Escritor Diego Granados, 1, where Mr Pérez Pete and his son live” and “the creation of a parking space reserved for people with reduced mobility in the vicinity of the home” of the aforementioned family.

These are the precautionary measures that the head of the Administrative Court No. 1 of Almeria, has determined in response to the request of the family of Antonio, a minor who moves in a wheelchair and has a 79 percent disability due to cerebral palsy.

The council has 10 days to remove large planters obstructing the front door of the family home and to create a parking space for the disabled near the house, as it had already removed the three existing ones.

The story goes back to just under two years ago when some reforms in the area were apparently the reason for a decision that ended up outraging hundreds of neighbours. Since 2018, the family had been formally requesting the Town Hall to return a space and relocate it in a consensual way, allowing them to park the car that the little boy has to get into with his wheelchair, but there was no way to change a decision that ended in a plenary session backed by all the official councillors (UCN) who voted no, to a request from a family that daily has to deal with the difficulties that come with such difficult situations.

Where the bench is located, there used to be a parking space, but the family home was literally surrounded by obstacles that prevented vehicles from entering.

Refusals, excuses and bureaucratic arguments are all that Antonio’s family got in response, forcing them to file

a contentious-administrative appeal, and for the courts to settle a matter of absolute

common sense and humanity.

Now justice has spoken and ordered that within 10 days, the Town Hall of Albox proceed to remove the planters and enable a place for people with reduced mobility, near the home of the plaintiffs, until there is a final judgment.

An appeal may be lodged against the court’s decision within 15 days.












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