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The Guardia Civil in Almeria arrests two people for simulating the kidnapping of their 13-year-old son

The parents reported the child’s abduction stating that a family acquaintance was demanding 20,000 euros for his release.

Agents from the Almeria Civil Guard headquarters, as part of Operation Nidrago, carried out within the framework of Preliminary Proceedings 177/2022 of Examining Court No. 5 of Almeria, arrested two people for the commission of a crime of false denunciation and simulation of a crime.

The investigation began when on the night of 9 February, after having made a previous call to 062 and 112, the disappearance of a 13 year old minor was reported at the headquarters of the Civil Guard in Almeria.

His mother informed the agents that that same afternoon her son had disappeared and that she was receiving calls from a family friend who told her that he had taken the minor, instructing her to hand over the sum of 20,000 euros to a third party as a requirement for the minor’s release.

The facts caused great social alarm in the locality, due to the fact that the mother disseminated on social networks the photo of the minor and the photo of the accused, in a poster informing that this person had kidnapped the minor and was asking the mother for money for the release.

The investigation was undertaken from the beginning by the Judicial Police Organic Unit of Almeria, with the support of the Central Operative Unit and after two days of investigation it was determined that it was a simulation of a crime.

The progress of the investigation and the obtaining of clear and objective indications that pointed to the participation of the parents in the events led to the establishment of an encirclement against them by the investigators.

Given that the child had not been located, the search and investigation work continued and did not cease at any time.

The actions of the agents led to the parents being forced to facilitate the appearance of the child, with the hypothesis gaining strength that the parents, after having suffered a drug robbery by the alleged kidnapper, denounced him as responsible for the child’s disappearance.

The child was found on the afternoon of 11 February in Almería, and was taken to an Immediate Shelter Centre for unaccompanied minors, and the parents were subsequently arrested. The proceedings carried out by the Guardia Civil, together with the detainees, have been handed over to Examining Court number 5 in Almería.


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