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The Plenary of Macael approves the project for the remodelling of the Plaza de Almeria.

The work will be carried out with the Provincial Council’s Provincial Plans and an investment of 634,542.50 euros.

The Plenary of the Town Council of Macael has approved the project of execution of the work No. 31PPOS20-23BI, called “REMODELLING OF THE PLAZA DE ALMERÍA AND ITS SURROUNDINGS. HOMAGE TO THE ROMAN EMPIRE WITH MACAEL MARBLE”.

This new project is an ambitious and spectacular work with a budget of 634.542,50 €, being financed by the Provincial Council and the Town Hall of Macael.

The Mayor, Raúl Martínez, states that “this work is another election promise that we will see fulfilled”. The mayor assures that “the action consists of the remodelling of the current Plaza de Almería by creating a new square and the rearrangement of the surrounding streets San Fernando and García Lorca”.

For Martínez, it is very important to continue improving the lives of the people of Macael through the remodelling of its streets and squares, as well as improving the tourist attraction of the municipality. He clarifies that “with this new work we seek to improve the leisure and recreational infrastructure of the surrounding neighbourhoods, providing them with a new, more attractive and functional square”. He also says that in order to provide us with a new tourist attraction this work aims to “increase the tourist offer of Macael, highlight the exploitation of the quarries and the use of its marble in Roman times, highlight the value of the Macael Marble Brand and offer a new example of the craftsmanship of our local companies and artisans”.

The new square will have as characteristic elements of the Roman period “a Roman portico, representing the reproduction in Macael Marble of the front colonnade of a temple, all in Corinthian style composed of 6 columns and upper entablature that will have a height, including the cornice, of more than 7 and a half metres, a rectangular pool measuring 10 x 4 metres and 50 cm deep made with pieces of white Macael marble where a replica of the sculpture of Bacchus, found in Chirivel, will be installed, made of white Macael marble 1.90 metres high, a peristyle made up of 14 columns of white Macael marble in Tuscan style with a smooth shaft base and capital with a total height of 3.05 metres, a mosaic imitating the sculpture of Bacchus, found in Chirivel, made of white Macael marble with a total height of 3.05 metres, a mosaic imitating the sculpture of Bacchus, found in Chirivel, made of white Macael marble with a height of 1.90 metres. 05 metres, a mosaic imitation of the mosaic of the house of the Planetarium of Italica formed by 1 cm thick marble tesserae and an ornamental fountain of Macael marble, with a semicircular vessel of 4 metres in diameter and 50 cm deep, which will have a rear pediment of 4 metres in height, where four square columns of 30 cm on each side, Doric style, will be installed and in the central area there will be a raised pedestal that will serve as a base for a carved sculpture in white Macael marble measuring 120 x 275 x 140 cm dedicated to Marforio”.

For Mayor Raúl Martínez, “our priority has always been to improve the lives of the residents and the future of the municipality, so we reiterate that this new work will serve to improve these neighbourhoods, the tourist offer and the brand image of our marble”.


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