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The training ship Juan Sebastián Elcano calls at Cartagena

After 20 years, the Spanish Navy ship arrives in the port city to take part in the tribute to the sailor who circumnavigated the earth for the first time five centuries ago.

The Port of Cartagena has received this Tuesday morning the training ship of the Spanish Navy, Juan Sebastián Elcano, which calls at the city after 20 years, to participate in the tribute to the sailor who circumnavigated the earth for the first time, five centuries ago.

As planned, Elcano made its appearance at the mouth of Cartagena at 10.00 a.m., an entrance that was spotted by dozens of citizens from the Faro de la Curra and the Faro de Navidad.
After a brief docking operation, the ship was berthed at the Cruise Terminal, where it will remain until 18.00 in the afternoon. One hour earlier, at 17.00, the ceremony of the naming of the Cruise Terminal, which will be renamed the ‘Juan Sebastián Elcano’ Cruise Terminal, will begin, organised by the Navy and the Port Authority with the collaboration of the City Council of Cartagena.

The event will be attended by the first civil and military authorities, together with a mixed company of the Navy, the Marine Infantry Band and students from the Naval School. During the ceremony, there will be a brief historical review, speeches by the authorities and the unveiling of the plaque that will give its name to the cruise terminal, concluding with the parade of the participating troops and the departure of the training ship on its new voyage around the world.


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