The PP supports the Murcia-Almeria alliance to defend the Tagus-Segura water transfer, which is essential for the development of the Levante region.

22_05_26_The PP supports the Murcia-Almeria alliance to defend the Tagus-Segura water transfer
Fernando López Miras, Carmen Crespo, Maribel Sánchez and Domingo Fernández took part in a meeting with irrigators and farmers from Huércal-Overa.

Irrigators and farmers of the Levante Almeriense have held a meeting today with the President of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, the PP candidates for the Andalusian Parliament, Carmen Crespo and Maribel Sánchez, and the Mayor of Huércal-Overa, Domingo Fernández, in which the leaders of the Popular Party have committed themselves to defend the Tajo-Segura water transfer, which is essential for the development of agriculture in the Levante Almeriense.

The President of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, stressed that the future of Murcia and Almeria cannot be understood without water and agriculture, and has pledged his government and that of Juanma Moreno to fiercely defend the Tagus-Segura water transfer, a transfer that generates employment and wealth and which irrigates 70% of the fruit and vegetables exported by Spain.

“We are not going to allow this land to be left without a future simply because Pedro Sánchez promised at a meeting in Albacete that he was going to close it. In Spain there are 42 water transfers and he only wants to close the one coming to Almeria and Murcia and we will not allow it because it would be the end of Almeria, Murcia and Alicante, and also because there is no justification for doing so,” he stressed.

Fernando López Miras has told the irrigators and farmers that “the PP is a party of water transfers” and that “in Spain there is no lack of water, but it is poorly distributed, so we have to take it where it is needed”.

“In all countries water is transferred and that is what we are going to fight for. The Government of Murcia and the Government of Andalusia are going to do whatever is necessary to prevent the cutback of the water transfer”, he insisted.

In addition to defending the aqueduct, López Miras has also supported water purification and reuse, recalling that while in Europe the percentage of water reuse is 4% and in Spain 7%, in the region of Murcia it is 99%. In this sense, the President of Murcia has expressed his conviction that with one more term of office of Juanma Moreno, Andalusia will reach these levels of purification.

In his speech, he also referred to the need to improve communications in this land, especially the arrival of the high-speed train between Murcia and Almeria, and expressed his conviction that the arrival of the AVE in 2026 “is impossible”.

Finally, he asked the people of Almeria and Andalusia to continue to trust in Juanma Moreno’s government on 19-J, a president who has managed to bring about a “great change” in Andalusia and to make it “a reference point for Spain”.

“On 19 June we cannot miss the opportunity to ensure that the change that began just over three years ago continues to consolidate in Andalusia. And if we want Andalusia to continue to grow, the future government must depend solely on the PP”, he concluded.


The number 1 of the PP of Almeria to the Andalusian Parliament, Carmen Crespo, has pointed out that these are vital elections for Huércal-Overa and for Almeria and recalled how we have gone from being the “forgotten province” by the Socialist Party, to having a president who is giving “his all for our land” and who is applying to his government the entrepreneurial capacity that the province of Almeria has.

“We want more Juanma Moreno and more possibilities for the province,” she said.

The PP candidate has highlighted the joint defence of Almeria and Murcia for water and the need not to disdain any water source because every drop counts. In this sense, she has opted for desalination and pointed out that in the province of Almeria desalinated water must have “a competitive and fair price for our farmers who cannot be unequal compared to others”. Carmen Crespo stressed that the maximum price of desalinated water for irrigation should be 30 cents and pointed out that above this price “our farmers lose competitiveness”.

In her speech, she also asked the Government of Pedro Sánchez to invest all the money from the Next Generation Funds and to undertake the water infrastructures that are within its competence, such as the expansion of the Carboneras desalination plant, the Dalías plant and the repair of the Almanzora desalination plant to give irrigators possibilities.

Regarding the Tajo-Segura aqueduct, she was categorical in assuring that “we will not allow them to take the aqueduct away from us” and pointed out that “the PP does not disdain any water source because water is fundamental for living, eating and drinking and water solidarity is the basis of this policy”.

Finally, Carmen Crespo recalled the commitment of Juanma Moreno’s government to the province of Almeria, to its roads such as the Almanzora Highway, to health with the Materno-Infantl Hospital, to education with the elimination of prefabricated classrooms, and to its cultural heritage with a significant investment in the Alcazaba.

“In Andalusia we need a government that lowers taxes, that pampers our province and that gives possibilities to water and agriculture. Juanma Moreno has done this for three and a half years and we cannot go back to the past or go back to trusting those who cornered us for forty years,” he concluded.


The number 3 candidate for the PP in Almería, Maribel Sánchez, has highlighted the important change that has taken place in the province of Almería in just three and a half years thanks to the government of Juanma Moreno, a government that has fulfilled its commitments to the province, with major infrastructures that had been put in a drawer for years, such as the Almanzora motorway or the Vera-Garrucha road, and which has managed to make “Almería leave the back of the pack and become a benchmark in job creation, growth and lower taxes”.

For all these reasons, he has asked the people of Huercal to place their trust in Juanma Moreno once again on 19-J, a president who has shown that “things could be done differently and that Andalusia and Almeria had a lot of potential”.

“On 19-J we have to consolidate the change and I ask you to help us not to miss the train and to keep moving forward with Juanma Moreno”, he concluded.

Finally, the mayor of Huércal-Overa, Domingo Fernández, thanked the defence that Murcia and Almería are making of the Tajo-Segura Transfer thinking of the farmers and irrigators of the province and especially of the Levante and pointed out that “thanks to the government of Juanma Moreno, Huércal-Overa is getting the boost it so badly needed”, so he encouraged his neighbours to continue supporting the PP to achieve a majority and to be able to govern alone.



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