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The Moreno tsunami sweeps through the Almanzora region.

Analysis of what has happened in the town to town of the Almanzora Valley

The PSOE wins by the minimum, only in six municipalities

The candidacy led by the mayor of Serón, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, loses up to 13 municipalities with respect to the results of 2018

The PP achieves victory in 20 localities of the Almanzora compared to 6 that bet on the PSOE

In the municipality of Serón the PSOE achieves less support than in 2018 and the PP is left with only 15 votes

22_06_20_The Moreno tsunami sweeps through the Almanzora region
Undisputed Popular victory in most of the municipalities of the Almanzora.

The Almanzora region has voted overwhelmingly for Juanma Moreno (PP) as the future president of the Junta de Andalucía. Up to 20 localities have opted for the project of the Popular Party, compared to six that have done so for the Socialist Party.

The PP has been imposed in Albanchez, Albox, Alcóntar, Arboleas, Bayarque, Chercos, Cóbdar, Fines, Laroya, Líjar, Macael, Olula del Río, Oria, Partaloa, Sierro, Somontín, Suflí, Tíjola, Urrácal and Zurgena.

Despite the fact that the candidate who heads the PSOE candidacy in the province of Almería is the mayor of Serón, Juan Antonio Lorenzo, the Almanzora Valley has not supported his project. On the contrary, has come to lose up to thirteen municipalities that less than three years ago voted PSOE and historically have voted this party in a majority. This is the case of the towns of Albanchez, Arboleas, Bayarque, Chercos, Líjar, Macael, Olula del Río, Sierro, Somontín, Suflí, Tíjola, Urrácal or Zurgena.

In towns where PSOE mayors govern, the PP has won; Arboleas, Líjar, Somontín or Zurgena. Only Serón resists by 15 votes of difference with respect to the PP, Armuña followed very closely by the PP, just 8 votes. Bacares where the PSOE has obtained 44 votes more than the PP. Cantoria is the only municipality where the PSOE would have obtained a clearer distance with respect to the PP with a difference of 166 votes. Lúcar, where the PSOE also won by 4 votes more than the PP. And Purchena, another historical locality of the PSOE where only 6 votes of difference has been the difference with the Popular Party.

Joy of the Popular Party this election Sunday in municipalities such as Albox, where the PP has tripled the result obtained by the PSOE. The first (PP) have achieved 2,105 votes, compared to 751 who have supported the PSOE. A municipality in which the support for Ciudadanos is reduced to a minimum with 85 votes and VOX on the other hand, doubles the ballots obtained in 2018 with 525 supports obtained on this election day.

Very satisfied the mayors of Macael and Olula del Río, two municipalities governed by the PP at the local level, and where historically the PSOE has won in regional elections. This Sunday in Macael, the PP has obtained 1,397 votes against 846 votes obtained by the PSOE. And in Olula del Río, something very similar has happened; PP has won with 1,392 votes against 750 votes obtained by PSOE.

VOX has achieved support in all the municipalities of the Almanzora, occupying in most cases a third position, as has happened at provincial and regional level. Only in Suflí has been the second most voted (VOX 29), ahead of the PSOE (24).

In the province of Almería the PP wins and gets the same seats as PSOE and VOX together.

The PP wins the autonomic elections in the province of Almería and obtains six seats, obtaining 45.54% of the votes. This figure is two seats more than the four parliamentarians obtained in the 2018 elections.

For its part, the PSOE gets three deputies for Almería, the same as those obtained in the last regional elections and 22.08% of votes.

Vox obtains three seats in the province with a support of 20.72% compared to the two parliamentarians they achieved three and a half years ago.

The coalition Por Andalucía, which integrates IU and Podemos together with other left-wing forces, fails to obtain a deputy for Almería with a support of 4.97%, the same happens to Adelante Andalucía, formation led by Teresa Rodríguez, which also fails to obtain a seat for the province with 1.74% of the votes. In December 2018 all these forces concurred jointly under the acronym Adelante Andalucía achieving one seat in Almería.

The greatest electoral setback is suffered by Ciudadanos (Cs), which with 2.56% of the votes is left without any of the seats for Almería obtained three and a half years ago.

The Partido Animalista contra el Maltrato Animal (PACMA) did not achieve any parliamentary representation either, despite obtaining 0.77% of the votes.

The participation in the polls has reached 55.96%, which places abstention at 44.04%.


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