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Breast cancer accounts for 15% of tumours worldwide

Breast cancer accounts for 15% of tumours worldwide
The magazine specialised in women, estarguapas.com, has carried out a study in relation to World Breast Cancer Day.

The breast is the organ responsible for producing the milk with which we breastfeed and can feed our babies. They also form an aesthetic part of a woman’s appearance. That is why when cancer and the appearance of tumours affect this area of the body, many of the people who suffer from it are very affected psychologically by this type of tumour.

This disease is caused by the uncontrolled reproduction of breast cells. There are different types, depending on the type of cells that multiply, a benign or malignant tumour can form.

This type of tumour is the most common in women. 1 in 7 women suffer from this cancer. It accounts for 15% of all tumours worldwide. Experts recommend a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness to prevent breast cancer.

How can breast cancer be prevented?

There are many factors that cannot be altered, such as age or genetics (4 out of 10 women do not know they have breast cancer until it becomes symptomatic) but there are many others that we can take care of, such as our health.

Maintain a healthy diet: without a doubt, we often do not know what we eat. Therefore maintaining a healthy and balanced diet will help our body. Maintaining a healthy weight is also highly recommended, as having a balanced level of fat helps to ensure correct cell reproduction.
Avoid drinking alcohol, or drink it sparingly and infrequently.
If you are taking hormone treatment or birth control pills, ask your doctor for advice.
If possible, breastfeed the baby for as long as recommended.
If there is a family history, take preventive tests from time to time. Early detection significantly changes the final outcome.

Actions to help cope with breast cancer

For people who suffer from this type of disease, it is very hard and even traumatic. Many people say that cancer marks a before and after in their lives. That is why it is necessary to go to psychological therapy, to be close to our loved ones and to do things that distract us.

Some examples are painting, doing handicrafts, joining a support group, but above all talking about it with anyone who will listen. Experts recommend talking about it with people who understand. Doing sport can be a very good way to maintain our health, and also to escape mentally. Studies show that 4 out of 6 women with breast tumours have a poor diet or poor physical health.

Coping socially with breast cancer

People who are diagnosed with breast cancer go through difficult emotional times. They have to cope with difficult feelings such as sadness, anxiety, anger and even quite high levels of stress. In addition, a recurring effect is the difficulty in expressing their feelings. Some 85% of people cope better with cancer if they have


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