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Almeria leads job creation at national level with 5,519 fewer unemployed people

Almeria leads job creation at national level with 5,519 fewer unemployed people
Unemployment fell in October in Almería by -5,519 persons compared to September.

In October, registered unemployment fell in Almería by -5,519 persons compared to September. This figure represents a decrease of -8.79%, bringing the total number of unemployed in the province to 57,267 people. In October, Almeria is the Spanish province where unemployment fell the most in quantitative terms (-5,519), followed by Huelva (-3,659) and Seville (-3,322). In interannual terms, unemployment fell in Almería by -1,737 unemployed persons, 2.94% with respect to October 2021.

Distribution by sex, age and nationalityBy sex, male unemployment stood at 23,193 unemployed men in October, while the total number of unemployed women was 34,074. By age, the figure for youth unemployment, i.e. those under 25 years of age, is 4,752 unemployed. Among those over 25, the number of unemployed is 52,515. Of the total number of unemployed, 12,250 are foreign nationals.

Unemployment by economic sectorThe decrease in unemployment compared to last month occurred in all sectors: services (-4,075), agriculture (-1,332), construction (-141), and industry (-48). Unemployment only increased in the group without previous employment, by 77 unemployed. The unemployment structure by sector in the province of Almeria is as follows: services sector 37,981 unemployed, agriculture 6,705, unemployed without previous employment 5,598, construction 4,894 and industry 2,089.


In October, the total number of contracts signed in the province was 33,358, which represents 2,050 more contracts than in the previous month, an increase of 6.55%. In year-on-year terms, hiring decreased by -6,879 contracts, a decrease of -17.10%. According to the sector of economic activity, 18,501 contracts were signed in October in the services sector, 12,383 in agriculture, 1,500 in construction and 974 in industry. Of the total number of contracts signed this month, 15,180 were for foreign nationals.

Permanent contracts signed this month continue to outnumber temporary contracts, a constant that has been repeated since April: temporary contracts were 12,452 while permanent contracts were 20,906.

As for the accumulated contracting data, so far this year, 272,005 contracts have been signed in Almeria, of which 49.13% have been permanent contracts. This rate of permanent contracts is above the rate registered in the same period in Andalusia (33.56%) and at national level (37.89%).

Unemployment benefits in September

According to the latest data published by the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy for the month of September, the expenditure on unemployment benefits in that month was 43.92 million euros. The number of unemployment benefit recipients was 37,542.

Of the total number of unemployment benefit recipients, 18,726 were recipients of contributory benefit, 15,259 of subsidy, 1,917 of active insertion income and 1,640 of subsidy for temporary agricultural workers.

On the other hand, foreign beneficiaries amounted to 10,537, which represents 6.04% of the national total. Of the foreign unemployment benefit recipients, 3,264 are from EU countries and 7,273 are from non-EU countries.


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