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The PP is committed to evicting squatters within 24 hours.

The PP is committed to evicting squatters within 24 hours
For the Populares, “a squatter is not evicted, he is evicted, and the vulnerable are protected”.

The Andalusian MP for the Partido Popular of Almeria, Manuel Guzmán, has stressed the need for the Spanish Government to modify the law so that when a squatting takes place, squatters can be evicted within 24 hours. This is an initiative that has recently been approved in the Andalusian Parliament and by which the Andalusian Chamber urges the Government to adopt urgent measures against squatting as well as to improve the defence of the owners of a squatted property.

Manuel Guzmán points out that squatting is a phenomenon that is unfortunately on the increase in our country and in which, on many occasions, mafias are involved, extorting money from the owners, a situation that increasingly affects more and more middle and working class people who have been saving all their lives to be able to buy a second home and who now feel completely helpless.

The PP member of parliament says that it is necessary to urgently amend the Penal Code to toughen the penalties for squatting, especially in the case of mafias. “It is not logical to cause damage to homeowners who have to spend months or even years paying for electricity and water to those who have illegally entered their homes. For this reason, the PP is committed to including new measures in the Law on Criminal Proceedings to allow the eviction of the occupied home within 24 hours”, he stresses.

In addition, Manuel Guzmán points out that it is very important that measures be taken to prevent illegal squatters from being registered on the municipal register so that this documentation can serve as proof of residence and allow them access to certain rights. In this sense, he points out that the collaboration of the local councils is essential in order to deregister them ex officio or at the request of the owner when they present all the legal documentation that proves that they are the owner of the occupied dwelling.

Finally, Manuel Guzmán points out that situations of vulnerability or social exclusion must be separated from the phenomenon of squatting and argues that “squatters are not evicted, they are evicted, and the vulnerable are protected, without the state transferring its own responsibilities to citizens in either of these two cases”.


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