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Agri-food exports hit an all-time high

Agri-food exports hit an all-time high
Andalusia leads the growth of the big four exporters.

Andalusia’s agri-food exports reached 10,712 million euros between January and September 2022, its best record for the first nine months of a year in the historical series that began in 1995, thanks to a year-on-year growth of 15.9%, the highest increase of the four most exporting communities and more than two points higher than the national average (13.5%).

A new advance with which the agri-food sector reinforces its strategic nature for the region, as it has contributed 5,965 million in positive foreign trade to the regional economy in this period, boosts territorial cohesion by increasing sales in all provinces and the diversification of Andalusian export destinations, by increasing its sales in all continents, especially in Africa (+66%) and America (+24.1%).

With these figures, Andalusia shares the lead with Catalonia, both with 22%, and 10 points above the next two, which are the Valencian Community (11.8%) and Murcia (10.1%).

In the first nine months of 2022, sales grew in nine of the top ten chapters exported by the Andalusian agri-food sector, led by animal and vegetable fats and oils, with 2,867 million, 26.8% of the total and the second highest growth of the top ten chapters, 29% year-on-year. The main component of this chapter is olive oil, which stands out as the product most sold by Andalusia abroad, with sales of 2,481 million in this period, 24.8% more than in the same period the previous year.

It is followed by vegetables, with 2.819 billion, 26.3% of the total and an increase of 16.8% in sales; fruit, with 2.491 billion, 23.3% more than in the same period the previous year. 491 million, 23.3% and a rise of 4%; fruit and vegetable preparations, with 562 million, 5.2% and a rise of 17%; meat and edible meat offal, with 343 million, 3.2% and a fall of 5.6%; fish, crustaceans and molluscs, with 298 million, 2.8% and a rise of 21.6%; and beverages, with 249 million, 2.3%, the third highest growth in the Top 10, 26.4%.

However, the fastest growing chapter of the top ten in sales is cereals, with more than double (+127%) exported than in the same period of 2021, totalling 247 million between January and September, making it the eighth in exports; followed by miscellaneous food preparations, with 164 million (1.5%) and a rise of 7.9%; and live plants and floriculture products, with 140 million (1.3%) and an increase of 10.5%.

Andalusia increased its food and beverage exports to 18 of its top 20 foreign markets in the first nine months of the year, with an important advance in the diversification of destinations, as it grew especially in Africa (+66%), where it now reaches 283 million in sales, especially due to the increase recorded in Tunisia, the 23rd market, where exports multiplied by 32 to 75 million; and Morocco, the 16th destination, where they rose by 39% to 107 million.

The sector also experienced significant progress in other non-EU markets for Andalusia’s foreign trade, such as the United States, the leading non-European market and sixth in the world, where there was an increase of 30%, the highest in the top 10, to 770 million; Japan, in thirteenth place, with an increase of 19.6% to 127 million; the Philippines, in seventeenth place, with an increase of more than double (+133%) to 106 million; Mexico, in nineteenth place, with 31% more sales to 101 million; and Canada, with an increase of 35% to 88 million.

However, European markets continue to be the main destinations for the Andalusian agri-food complex, also on the rise. Germany continues to be the leading market, with 1,848 million, 17.2% of the total and an increase of 13.7% compared to January-September 2021. It is followed by France, with 1,402 million, 13.1% and a growth of 12.7%; and Italy, with 1,141 million, 10.7% and a rise of 18.9%, the third largest of the top ten destinations.

The fourth destination is the United Kingdom, where sales remained practically the same as in the same period last year (-0.1%), 816 million, 7.6%; followed by Portugal, with 798 million, 7.5% and a rise of 12%. In sixth place is the Netherlands, with the second largest increase in the top 10, up 20.8% to 744 million, 6.9%, followed by Poland, with 251 million (2.3%) and a rise of 16.2%; Belgium, with 229 million (2.1%) and an increase of 14.8%; and China, with 166 million (1.6%) and a decrease of 24.3%.

Almeria leads the way and Jaen is the fastest growing province

By provinces, Jaén is the one with the highest increase in exports, up 31% to 339 million. However, it is Almeria that leads the ranking of Andalusian agricultural sales, with one out of every five euros exported by Andalusia (26.3%), amounting to 2,814 million, 15.9% more than in the first nine months of 2021. It is followed by Seville, the second exporter and second in growth, with 2,666 million, 24.9% and an increase of 27.9%.

Huelva, with 1,435 million, 13.4% of the total and a growth of 8.8%, is the third most exporting province. In fourth place is Malaga, which has reached 1,055 million in sales (9.8%), with an increase of 5.3% year-on-year; and in fifth place is Cordoba, with 940 million (8.8%) and a growth of 19.9%. It is followed by Granada, which increased its sales by 8.5% to 734 million; and Cádiz, which rose by 5.2% to 729 million (6.8%).

These data are derived from the figures of the Foreign Trade Statistics of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism prepared for Andalusia by the Observatory for the Internationalisation of the Andalusian Economy of Extenda-Andalucía Exportación e Inversión Extranjera, a public company integrated in TRADE.


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