Saturnino Fernández presents a team to make Cantoria “join the wave of change in Andalusia”.

The PP candidate affirms that “the vital constants of Cantoria are weakening” and asks for the support of the neighbours so that the municipality can occupy the place it deserves.

The Partido Popular of Cantoria has announced the men and women who make up the candidacy for the elections on 28 May, headed by Saturnino Fernández, a resident who, although he was not born in Cantoria, has lived in the town since 1987 and feels he is a “Cantorian at heart”.

The PP candidate has taken a step forward because he is tired of the situation in Cantoria on a daily basis and because he wants the municipality to occupy the place it deserves in the Almanzora region. To do this, he has surrounded himself with a team of people who “do not come to politics to use it because they all have their jobs, but they love Cantoria above all else and they are going to give their all so that the people of Cantoria feel proud of our town and have the municipality they deserve”.

Saturnino Fernández, who has taken a leave of absence from his job in the Benemérita to stand as a PP candidate, highlights his vocation for service and points out that in this new stage he will continue “to serve a town that I love and for which I feel passionately, helping others”.

“I am not here to destroy people’s lives, nor to dismiss anyone, my credibility and that of my team is 100% and we are here because we think that things can be done differently, without propaganda, without dividing and without political disputes”, he explained.

The PP candidate regretted that “the vital constants of Cantoria are weakening” and assured that if they receive the support of the residents, they have important ideas for Cantoria to grow, progress and not die as is currently happening.

“I ask for your trust because we are going to work with our young people, with the elderly, we are going to increase aid to associations, we are going to grant 1,000 euros per family unit to all Cantorians because our town council has enough budget to do so and we are going to join forces so that Cantoria occupies the place it deserves”, he concluded.

The PP candidacy was supported by many neighbours and also by the coordinator of the PP in Almanzora, Guillermo Casquet, the secretary of Health of the PP, Juan de la Cruz Belmonte, and the president of the PP in Níjar, Antonio Jesús Rodríguez. They all highlighted the qualities of Saturnino Fernández, a person who has given up many things because he wants his town to progress and be placed on the map of the province, occupying the place that all residents want.

Juan de la Cruz Belmonte highlighted the important change that has taken place in the health care of the region, with a hospital in La Inmaculada that has two CAT scans and a magnetic resonance, which will soon have a new building that will house nephrology and with new health centres equipped to attend to all the residents.

The Secretary of Health asked the people of Cantoria to support Saturnino Fernández because “Cantoria has a future and all the members of the candidacy are going to give their all for the municipality and the residents”. Belmonte affirmed that “with them Cantoria will become the centre of the region”.

The coordinator of the PP in the Almanzora, Guillermo Casquet, stressed that another Cantoria is possible and asked the residents to support the PP and Saturnino because with them they will achieve a leading municipality. “You have the tools and the team that can achieve it, a group of people who will have the help of the Provincial Council, the Andalusian Government and very soon the Government of Spain”, he stressed.

Finally, the president of the PP in Nijar stressed that Cantoria deserves a government and a mayor who looks after his people, who does not divide, and this will be achieved from 28 May with the PP.

“Cantoria needs to improve its industrial estate, expand it, attract more investment, it needs serious, honest management, which looks its neighbours in the face and works for them. With Saturnino your future will be assured”, he concluded.


1.- Saturnino Fernández Caparrós (independent)

2.- Carolina Piñero Galera

3.- Cristina Sánchez Marchan

4.- Pedro José Piñero Pallarés (independent)

5.- Domingo Jesús Serrano Pallarés (independent)

6.- Isabel María Jiménez Simón

7.- María del Carmen Soriano Sáez

8.- Pedro Berbel del Águila

9.- José María Lozano Padilla

10.- Andrés Francisco Navarro García

11.- Britt Kimberley Kroon


1.- María de los Ángeles Pérez Parra

2.- Gabriel Roda Pérez

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