Cartagena. Arroyo (PP) affirms that the result allows her to govern “alone” and says she is willing to “reach agreements”.

PP candidate for Mayor of Cartagena, Noelia Arroyo exercising her right to vote
PP candidate for Mayor of Cartagena, Noelia Arroyo, exercising her right to vote.

The acting mayor of Cartagena and PP candidate to revalidate the position, Noelia Arroyo, has stated that the result of the last municipal elections allows her candidacy “to govern in minority” unless “some other type of agreement is made” which, as far as she can see, “there is no intention” to carry out.

Arroyo replied in this way in an interview with the programme ‘El Mirador’ on Onda Regional, picked up by Europa Press, when asked if she is considering being elected in the second round of voting in the Plenary – being the most voted list – or if she intends to negotiate with other parties in view of the investiture.

It should be remembered that the PP list headed by Arroyo was the most voted in the elections, obtaining 34.32 percent of the votes and 10 councillors (3 more than in 2019), although she is 4 short of an absolute majority.

In this sense, Arroyo has shown herself “logically” willing to “talk, agree and reach consensus” with all parties during the legislature to “give stability to the municipality” as she has done these last “four years”. “I am willing to talk to everyone and to establish agreements that are beneficial for the city,” she added.

And the fact is that “when you don’t have an absolute majority, you have to understand everyone, learn that you govern for everyone, for those who voted for you and for those who didn’t because, precisely, those who didn’t vote for you have a municipal representation that is key, for example, the budgets every year”.

In this sense, she said she was willing to “talk to everyone” and “reach agreements that are beneficial for the municipality”. “But not on the basis of what is good for the PP or for Noelia Arroyo”, according to the acting mayoress, who has also ruled out entering into a “distribution or distribution with that objective”.

“I have never entered, not even in the previous legislature, when I reached an agreement with the PSOE and Ciudadanos”, according to Arroyo, who recalled that they have governed these four years with a “programmatic agreement on key points for the municipality and for development, with relations with all the administrations, whoever governed”.

In this respect, he has shown his willingness to “continue to demonstrate his ability to reach agreements, to dialogue and to reach consensus on everything that is necessary for the city to continue to grow and progress”.

He acknowledged that he has “no idea” what will happen on 17 June, when the Cartagena City Council is constituted. “I can answer for us, but not for the others”, according to Arroyo, who said that the PP is currently celebrating its result.

In his opinion, the people of Cartagena, with their vote, have sent out a “strong and clear” message and that is that “they want the PP to continue governing in Cartagena and to continue leading the formation of the government, as well as heading the municipal Corporation”.

“They want us to continue governing responsibly, giving stability to the municipality, putting all the general interests first, solving problems and, above all, also working from what unites us, without tension or shocks,” he said.

His commitment, he added, is to “continue working and bringing stability” to the city and developing the government programme of the ‘populares’.

She has shown herself willing to make decisions “following the will of all those who have backed the project and the PP team”, according to Arroyo, who believes that it is a question of “agreeing and discussing many things over the next four years” with all the representatives of the Corporation “except those who exclude themselves, of course”. “This is not until 17 June”, she remarked.

When asked if there will be a round of contacts with the different parties before 17 June, she acknowledged that she has already spoken “with everyone” except those who have not called her. “They have congratulated us on the result we have had, which also allows us to govern in a minority, unless some other type of agreement is made, which, as far as I can see, there is no intention”, she pointed out.

In this respect, she acknowledged that neither Movimiento Ciudadano (MC) nor its leader, José López, have contacted her or any of her PP colleagues. “I am not surprised”, according to Arroyo, who has confirmed that the rest of the parties have called her and she has thanked, in return, “both institutional loyalty, as courtesy and the show of respect”.

She recalled that the City Council has approved the budgets for this year 2023, and will have to work on those for the coming years. For this reason, he is committed to approaching this dialogue “calmly”. “I don’t have to rush into anything”, he concluded.

When asked about the general election campaign, she said that, as soon as she heard the news, she thought it was a “desperate flight forward” by Pedro Sánchez after the “debacle” of the municipal and regional elections, with his government partners “eating his toast”.

“He has no choice but to panic and take these decisions that are not good for the country”, according to Arroyo, who considered that “he is making life very difficult” for Spaniards by having to vote “in the middle of the holidays”.

At the same time, on the other hand, he thought it was “much better” to kick Pedro Sánchez out of the Moncloa “as soon as possible”. “We won five months of not having him doing what he is doing in our country,” said Arroyo, who pointed out that the PP has already been “activated” and this Tuesday I will be attending the party’s National Board of Directors.

“We are all activated to get Pedro Sánchez out of the Moncloa once and for all”, he remarked.

He has valued that the result of the regional and municipal elections in the Region has been “wonderful” for the PP, after winning in voters, in number of councillors and mayors, as well as with the “wonderful” result harvested by the regional president, Fernando López Miras.

When asked about the PP list for the national elections, Arroyo expressed her confidence that “the best decisions will be made” and, in her opinion, the important thing is that “there is a team and people who are amply prepared to take on this responsibility”.

He expressed his hope that there will be a “change soon” in the Spanish Government and that the “key” projects for the city will have the “impulse” of the President of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo.

With regard to the possibility that she would form part of the PP list for Congress, Arroyo has stated categorically that “that is not going to happen”. “I am in Cartagena, I have four years ahead of me and my commitment is to all Cartageneros at the head of Cartagena,” he concluded.

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