The PSOE of Cantoria will file a lawsuit against the PP candidate for false accusation.

The PSOE of Cantoria will file a lawsuit against the PP candidate for false accusation
Antonio Cerrillo: “I told her that she is nobody to go around the town talking about me and that if she wants to talk about me again she should wash her mouth out first”.

The PSOE of Cantoria, through a press release sent to the media, assures that “it is preparing, together with its legal services, a complaint against the Partido Popular candidate Carolina Piñero for the false accusation she has presented to the Guardia Civil against Antonio Cerrillo, husband of the mayoress Puri Sánchez”. “Neither coercion, nor threats, much less aggression, nothing of what the PP has spread through a press release is true, much less what they have then been magnifying in the media, so we will not allow them to continue lying to the public impudently,” say the party.

Antonio Cerrillo, who in parallel to the previous legal action will also file a complaint for slander and libel, acknowledges that there was a meeting with the elected candidate. “I told her exactly that she is nobody to go around the town talking about me, and yes, I told her that if she wanted to talk about me again, she should wash her mouth out first. She responded to me with a rebuff, telling me that I had also criticised them and I replied that this was not true, so we had a small argument and I immediately went home. From there to what they say about aggression, threats or danger to her family, there is an abyss. Of course, at no time was there any contact between us. And the truth is that I regret what happened because I don’t want the times of confrontation to return in the town”, he explains.

For the PSOE of Cantoria, what happened is nothing more than “the PP’s response to election results that they do not accept, but they should know in their ranks that it is the people who choose at the ballot box who they want to govern, and they do not want them. The PP tries at all costs to discredit the socialist group that has won the elections, regardless of the method. They use slander, coercion and lies and even threats to anyone who might question what they say and even take advantage of the fact that there is a Guardia Civil officer on leave on their lists to try to intimidate the neighbours with their false accusations. But they are not going to succeed.

The legal team in charge of responding to the complaint and the use that has been made of it, will also act against the threats that are being made against the witnesses of the facts, by some members of the PP list.

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