Tourism generated a turnover of 22,553 million euros in Andalusia in 2022

Tourism generated a turnover of 22,553 million euros in Andalusia in 2022
According to SAETA data, the Andalusian economy produces 1.48 euros for every euro consumed by tourist demand.

The Governing Council has taken cognizance of the data from the report ‘The economy of tourism in Andalusia’ by the Public Company for the Management of Tourism and Sport of Andalusia based on data from the Andalusian Tourism Analysis and Statistics System (SAETA), which indicates that the tourism industry generated a total of 22,553 million euros last year. The higher tourist flow contributed to a higher demand for goods and services than in 2021, so that the community raised production levels, until reaching that amount, during the past 2022.

In this period, the Andalusian economy produced goods and services for a total value of 15,202 million euros to satisfy tourism needs. These are those corresponding to the production of branches that manufacture the goods and services directly demanded by tourism, to which are added the indirect effects, identified in this case with the volume of activity generated by the Andalusian economy, necessary to satisfy the demand for tourism itself.

This production of goods and services generates a series of indirect effects, due to the products and services that are used as intermediate consumption by the companies that make up this industry and which are necessary to carry out their production and thus meet tourist demand. Thus, for example, the supply of a hotel to the tourist population implies, among other aspects, an electricity supply contract, which means that the company that provides this service must increase electricity production to supply the aforementioned hotel establishment. This is how an indirect effect is produced in the electricity sector, as a consequence of the demand for accommodation by tourists.

Thus, with the sum of direct and indirect effects, the economic movements produced by tourism are estimated at 22,553,365 euros (15,203,214 correspond to direct effects and 7,351,150 to indirect effects). This shows the multiplier effect of tourism, quantified at 1.48 points. Thus, for every euro consumed by tourist demand in Andalusia as a whole, our economy produces one euro and forty-eight cents.

In order to obtain these calculations, the following sectors have been taken into account: agriculture, forestry products and fishing; extractive, electrical energy, water and gas; intermediate goods industry; food and beverages; textiles, clothing, leather and footwear; manufacturing; as well as trade, hotels, real estate activities, restaurants, transport, vehicle rental, recreational and cultural activities and other services.

The report outlines the impact that this industry has on the region, in a complex context that continues to be marked by the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This variable has been felt in the economic parameters at a global level, affecting the supply of energy materials and the rise in prices, which has conditioned the costs of production processes. Thus, during 2022, the Andalusian economy grew by 5.2%, a rate 2.3 points higher than that recorded for the Eurozone (+3.5%) and the European Union (+3.5%) and slightly lower than the Spanish economy, which grew by 5.5%. All of this in a context characterised by an upward trend in prices, with an inflation rate of +6.2% for the Andalusian economy as a whole.

Thus, tourism closed 2022 with the arrival of 30.8 million tourists in Andalusia, which means reaching 95% of the level of the reference year, 2019, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is just over ten and a half million more than the previous year and a percentage increase of 53.6%. Revenues have been estimated at a total of 16,897 million euros, which in real terms implies an increase of 40.6% compared to 2021. This performance is based on aspects such as the influence of foreign tourism, which grew by +138.4% and, to a lesser extent, tourism from Spain, which grew by 32.2%. Added to this is the increase of 4 euros in average daily expenditure.

Employment in the tourism sector maintains the upward trend and closed 2022 with an average of 408,300 employed in tourism activities, which is 14.8% more than in the previous year and only 3.8 points below pre-pandemic levels. Not surprisingly, Andalusia closed the last academic year with a total of 52,600 employed persons in absolute terms, thus consolidating a growth that contributes to closing the gap with respect to the levels of 2019, in which the community had a total of 424,500 employed persons.


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