The Popular Party wins convincingly in the Almanzora Valley

Seventeen municipalities in the county vote overwhelmingly for the Popular Party, nine remain with the Socialist Party.

Once again, the PP has won by a majority in the Almanzora Valley in the presidential elections. It won in the municipalities of Albox, Alcóntar, Arboleas, Armuña de Almanzora, Chercos, Cóbdar, Fines, Laroya, Lúcar, Macael, Olula del Río, Oria, Partaloa, Suflí, Tíjola, Urrácal and Zurgena.

The PSOE, for its part, continues to be the most voted in the towns of Albanchez, Bacares, Bayarque, Cantoria, Líjar, Purchena, Serón, Sierro and Somontín. Pedro Sánchez has managed to win in these municipalities, many of them socialist strongholds that are resisting the trend that has been occurring in recent times in the Almanzora.

Practically twice as many towns in our region support Núñez Feijó’s programme, even in towns that the PP had never won or that had supported Pedro Sánchez in the last elections.

The PSOE has lost with respect to 2019 towns such as Arboleas, Armuña de Almanzora, Chercos, Lúcar, Macael, Olula del Río, Oria, Partaloa, Tíjola, Urrácal or Zurgena. In most cases, this is the first time this has happened in a general election.

As can be seen in the village-by-village review, in most of the localities of the Almanzora VOX came in third place. In practically all the municipalities, Abascal’s party has achieved representation and is ahead of SUMAR, which in practically all cases, picks up the support that PODEMOS achieved four years ago.

The Partido Popular has also won the elections in the province of Almería, winning three seats, the PSOE maintains its two seats in the province and VOX loses one.

We analyse village by village in the Almanzora:

Albanchez has won the elections the PSOE. It has obtained 106 votes, three more than the PP, which has gone from 56 ballots obtained in 2019 to 103 this Sunday.

In Albox the PP won with 2,219 votes, compared to 1,334 for the PSOE, VOX 711, SUMAR 236. In this town the PP have increased the gap with their second place compared to 2019; four years ago they only won by 22 votes, now the difference has been 885 votes.

In Alcóntar, a resounding victory for the PP, which doubles the Socialists’ lead. 227 votes for PP, 92 for PSOE.

In Arboleas the PP has done it again. If in the municipal elections they won the elections for the first time in history, this time, they have managed to turn around what has always been the trend in this town, also in the general elections. From being the third most voted force four years ago, behind PSOE and VOX. Now it has won with 373 votes, PSOE 269, VOX 188 ballots.

In Armuña de Almanzora something similar happened. A municipality where the PSOE had always won until the municipal elections of 28M last year, now they have also managed to win the general elections. 93 votes for PP, 86 for PSOE, VOX 22, SUMAR 16.

Bacares continues to be a stronghold for the PSOE. The people of Bacares have once again been loyal to the PSOE, as in the municipal elections and throughout history. PSOE won 94 votes, PP 51, VOX 18 and SUMAR 8.

In Bayarque, the result of four years ago was practically repeated. PSOE won with 68 votes, second place went to PP 45, VOX 11 and SUMAR 10.

In Cantoria the PSOE resists. This town in our region has become the largest municipality in the Almanzora where the PSOE has won in the last elections. The socialists have won 818 votes, the PP 576, VOX 246, SUMAR 58.

In Chercos the PP has won the elections, unlike four years ago when it was in second position behind the PSOE. PP won 81 votes, PSOE 56, VOX 36, SUMAR 10.

In Cóbdar again the PP won with 65 votes, in second position VOX with 30 votes, and PSOE, which four years later is still in third position, with 26 votes.

In Fines there were few surprises. Victory for the Partido Popular with 485 votes, the PSOE obtained 375, VOX 198 and SUMAR 60.

In Laroya, the result of four years ago was practically repeated. The PP has won with 59 votes, second the PSOE with 34, VOX 21 votes and SUMAR 11 ballots, practically the same as PODEMOS achieved in the general elections of 2019.

In Líjar, the PSOE has won the elections again, just as it did four years ago in the last general elections. The PSOE won 106 votes, PP 71, VOX 41 and SUMAR 13.

In the municipality of Lúcar, for the first time in history, the PP won in a general election. It has tripled the number of votes compared to four years ago. The PP obtained 171 votes, PSOE moved to second position and obtained 162 votes, VOX 95 and SUMAR 52. In 2019 the PP was the fourth most voted and in these elections, it won with 34.9% of the votes.

In Macael the general elections have always been very complicated for the PP, which in recent years Raúl Martínez has managed to win convincingly in this town in the Almanzora region. In these elections the PP has managed to win with 1,391 votes, 442 more than four years ago. In second position the PSOE with practically the same number of votes as in 2019, 1,221, VOX 434 and SUMAR 150.

In Olula del Río something very similar has happened. A town where in the general elections the PSOE won the majority, despite the fact that Antonio Martínez Pascual has been winning at local level for the last four elections. On this occasion, the PP has managed to win this Sunday’s elections with 1,469 votes, 577 votes more than in 2019. The PSOE became the second most voted with 1,271 votes, VOX fell to 533 and SUMAR achieved a number very similar to that achieved by PODEMOS in the previous elections with 221 votes for Yolanda Díaz.

In Oria, the Partido Popular won. Another surprise of these general elections. The PP got 470 votes, 162 more than in 2019. A figure that has allowed it to beat the PSOE, which has been left with 312 votes. Third position for VOX with 231 and SUMAR 51 votes.

In Partaloa the PP has also won, unlike four years ago. PP obtained 108 votes, PSOE 75, VOX 34 and SUMAR 10.

Purchena resists in the general elections. Unlike what happened just over a month ago in the municipal elections, in which Pepe Luis Serrano won the mayoralty for the Partido Popular for the first time in history. In these general elections, the purcheneros continue to support the PSOE, as has historically been the case. The PSOE obtained 387 votes, the PP 310, VOX 116 and SUMAR 43.

The municipality of Serón continues to be one of the PSOE’s main supporters in the Almanzora. Once again it won the elections with 598 votes, PP in second position with 472, 194 more than four years ago. VOX 165 and SUMAR 86.

Sierro. Practically repeats the result of 2019. PSOE won with 96 votes, PP 86, VOX 32 and SUMAR 19 votes.

In Somontín, the PSOE won again with 158 votes, only four votes behind the PP, who won 154, VOX 51 and SUMAR 9.

In the municipality of Suflí, where VOX won four years ago, this time it came second. In this small municipality in the Almanzora region, the Partido Popular won this Sunday’s general elections with 48 votes, VOX 39 and the PSOE in third place with 38 votes and SUMAR 4.

Tíjola is another of the municipalities in the Almanzora Valley where the PSOE has historically won the general elections. On this occasion, and following the trend of the municipal elections, where the Popular Party, with José Juan Martínez, won an absolute majority just over a month ago, has also won the general elections with 923 votes; 373 more than four years ago. The PSOE obtained 677, VOX 349 and SUMAR 98.

The PSOE has also lost the municipality of Urrácal in these general elections. The PP won this Sunday’s elections with 115 votes, the PSOE 75, VOX 23 and SUMAR 9.

In Zurgena the Partido Popular has won, just as it did just a month ago in the local elections with Domingo Trabalón, who achieved an absolute majority. Unlike what has always happened in this town in the lower Almanzora, the PP has won with 493 votes, almost double what it achieved in 2019, when it was the third most voted by the people of Zurgena. Now it has won convincingly, with the PSOE second with 268 votes, VOX 200 and SUMAR 28 votes.

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