Maz’s Canine Rescue

In 2016, a ray of hope was born for abandoned dogs in the Albox area of Spain. Marianne Bailey, better known as Maz Bailey, had been fostering and caring for dogs for years, but it was at this point that she formalised her commitment in the form of Maz’s Canine Rescue. Since then, her dedication and tireless efforts have changed the lives of countless homeless dogs, providing them with love, shelter and a second chance.
At the heart of Maz’s Canine Rescue is its founder, Maz Bailey, a passionate woman who has dedicated her life to tackling the persistent problem of dog abandonment in the region. Her unconditional love for these animals has been a beacon of hope in the midst of the darkness, and her tireless work has enabled many dogs to find loving and safe homes.
However, the challenge is constant. Every day, new dogs are abandoned in the countryside, with no place to shelter and no food. Many kind-hearted people do what they can to help these animals in need, but the reality is that proper shelter, food and medical care are required, and all of this comes at a significant cost.
To cover these vital expenses, Maz’s Canine Rescue has set up a charity shop where items can be donated, which are then sold to raise funds for the benefit of the kennel. While this initiative has been valuable, it has become insufficient in view of the current challenges. The lease on the current site has been terminated, necessitating a search for a new location for the rescued dogs. Finally, a suitable piece of land has been found in Purchena, but the road here has been arduous and full of obstacles.
The search for a suitable site was no easy task. Specific conditions were required: no nearby neighbours, a suitable all-weather access road, access to water and enough flat space to build the necessary kennels. After an exhaustive search, a plot of land was finally found that met all these requirements.
In early October, construction of the new kennels on this property is expected to begin. Tasks such as digging foundations, pouring concrete, installing fences and gates, among others, will be carried out. However, resources are limited and there is still a lot of work to be done.
This is where the community can make a difference. Maz’s Canine Rescue is looking for generous individuals who are willing to contribute a monthly donation or who can dedicate their time and effort to help this worthy cause. Every euro and every minute of your time is invaluable in building a better and safer future for the dogs that depend on this organisation.
It is essential to remember that most of these dogs come to Maz’s Canine Rescue due to circumstances beyond their control. They deserve a better life, filled with love and care. The organisation is happy to receive cash donations through its bank account (ES62 2100 4898 4813 0008 6388) or PayPal (MAZ’S CANINE RESCUE). If you are interested in contributing in other ways, such as donating your time, equipment or products, please contact KEITH BOYCE/TREASURER/PROJECT MANAGER on WhatsApp 628144796.
Maz’s Canine Rescue is a registered non-profit charity, registration number 6352/CIF-G048549305. Their dedication and love for rescued dogs is the driving force behind this mission, but the community also plays an essential role in building a brighter future for these animals in need. Together, we can make a difference and give these dogs a life of dignity and love. ❤️❤️❤️

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