Provincial Council and ‘Sabores Almería’ support the chefs in the presentation of ‘Almería Gastronómica’.

The Patio de Luces of the Provincial Institution hosted the launch of this association made up of chefs, bakers and confectioners who represent the culinary art of Almeria.

The Patio de Luces of the Provincial Palace has experienced a very special event with the presentation of the Almería Gastronomic Association, an initiative of which chefs, bakers and confectioners of the province are part and that arises with the purpose of promoting and disseminating the work of these professionals and the excellence of Almeria’s gastronomy.

A kitchen ready to work the products of the land has been the main element of a staging where the Provincial Council and the gourmet brand ‘Sabores Almería’ have supported those responsible for this project, an entity that affects the union of the sector and the idiosyncrasy of a cuisine that is a fundamental axis of the identity of Almeria.

The president of the Provincial Council, Javier A. García, and the deputy for Agri-food Promotion, Trade and Consumer Affairs, Carlos Sánchez, accompanied the president of the association, Rafael Rodríguez; the vice-president, Tolo Castillo; the secretary, Patricio Úbeda and the treasurer, Borja González, in a Patio de Luces that was filled with representatives of the Almeria food sector who did not want to miss this historic event for local chefs.

In this sense, Javier A. García, highlighted the importance of this day for the presentation of ‘Almería Gastronómica’ which, in just one year of life, “has become an extraordinary representation of all the talent that our chefs and the products of our land possess. This initiative came about as the dream of a group of friends who wanted to give value to the profession of chef, to make it more widely known and valued by society, and today it is a reality with more than 50 professionals who make it up”.

He also added that “that is why I congratulate you and thank you for having always counted, from the second zero, with the Provincial Council and the gourmet brand ‘Sabores Almería’ as witnesses and sponsors of Almería Gastronómica. Because unity is strength and allows us to make much more noise to go further. That is the main objective of ‘Sabores Almería’, to welcome our producers, restaurateurs and distributors and that, together, under the umbrella of the Diputación, we promote the consumption of our products, in our premises and shops and with our chefs”.

Finally, the president of the Provincial Council appealed to the pride of the Almerian sentiment by stating that “the Provincial Council and ‘Sabores Almería’ will always be at your side to support and encourage you because the cuisine and flavours form a transcendental part of the culture and customs of any town. With your dishes you also contribute to perpetuate the gastronomic legacy of the province of Almería, our customs…, what we are. And it is tourism and favours the creation of wealth and employment and, in short, the creation of opportunities”.

For his part, the president of ‘Almería Gastronómica’, Rafael Rodríguez, pointed out that “at the heart of the association is a fundamental mission: to unite and dignify the culinary sector of our province. The main purpose is to collaborate with provincial chefs to boost the development and visibility of Almería as a renowned tourist and gastronomic destination. We strive to highlight the richness of Almería’s culinary tradition and its potential for innovation”.

The chef pointed out that, in short, “Almería Gastronómica is more than an association, it is a movement rooted in our passion for cooking, community and excellence. As we move forward, our dedication to unity, the promotion of provincial products and the elevation of the chef’s profession continues to be the driving force behind our every step”.

Along these lines, Rodríguez expressed his excitement for the future of the activities, forums and showcookings that the association has carried out since its launch in autumn 2022 and assured that “this is just the beginning. We look to the future with a sense of urgency and excitement, driven by our desire to continue to promote our provincial products and elevate the cooking profession to new heights. I am excited for what is to come and hope you will join us on this exciting culinary journey”.

The deputy for Agri-Food Promotion, Carlos Sánchez, congratulated the Almeria chefs for the launch of this project which, as he pointed out, “is an added value because it fits perfectly with the objectives and values of ‘Sabores Almería’ to go all together and promote the quality of our gastronomy, from the raw material to the hands that cook it. We have great chefs and from ‘Sabores Almería’ we will continue to carry out actions to promote their talent, our establishments and products”.

The vice-president, Tolo Castillo, pointed out that “we hope that new members will join this family and that they will be very willing to take part in events so that, in the end, it will benefit all the members”.

The treasurer of the association has emphasised the fluid relationship that they want to establish with the business fabric of the province of Almeria and that these synergies translate into opportunities that favour the sectors and, ultimately, the provincial economy.

Solidarity gala dinner

Those responsible for Almería Gastronómica have announced that later on they will organise their first public event, which will consist of a charity gala dinner, the proceeds of which will go to little Diego, a 20-month-old boy from Almeria who has developed Aicardi Goutiers syndrome, so that the family can pay for his treatment. This has been highlighted by the secretary, Patricio Úbeda, highlighting solidarity as another of the cardinal axes of the organisation.

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