The Plenary of the Provincial Council of Almeria approves the awarding of the Medals of the Province for 2023

The Gold Medal has been awarded to the three former presidents of the Provincial Council: Luis Rogelio Rodríguez, Juan Carlos Usero and Gabriel Amat.

The Provincial Corporation has approved in the Ordinary Plenary Session held this Wednesday morning the awarding of the Medals of the Province of 2023 proposed by the Government team of the Institution. Thus, on 19 November at the Espacio Escénico de Pulpí, the Provincial Council of Almeria will present its highest award, the Gold Medal on the Day of the Province, to the former presidents of the Provincial Council of Almeria: Luis Rogelio Rodríguez, Juan Carlos Usero and Gabriel Amat. The Culture Medal will go to the Museums of Terque; the Social Medal to the Hermanitas de los Ancianos Desamparados and the Sports Medal to the MAAVi Foundation.

The vice-president and spokesman of the government team, Fernando Giménez, has thanked the approval of this recognition which, as he pointed out, “values the work, effort and dedication of people and institutions to improve the province of Almería in any of its areas. With them we pay tribute and publicly recognise on the day of all the people of Almería their commitment to the development and prosperity of the 103 municipalities”.

In this sense, Giménez has highlighted that “this is the most important distinction of Diputación. It has a clear vision beyond political colours, taking into account the qualities of the people recognised. Like the former presidents who have dedicated a good part of their lives to the public service of the province”.

Likewise, Giménez added that “the Terque Museums are a great instrument for highlighting our history and glorious past in the grape and an example of how to do things in the fight against depopulation. The work of the Hermanitas de los Ancianos Desamparados is commendable with a work of selfless service to those who need it most. The MAAVi Foundation, through sport, impregnates society with solidarity and integration. Its action is very complete and it is the way in which the company that supports it gives back to society part of what it has given it”.

Finally, the spokesperson for the Government team emphasised that with the Province Day Medals “we celebrate that our province continues to grow and that it has people with great talent and ability and shows that all Almerians can be very proud of our land”.

Manifesto of 25 N

Another of the items on the agenda of the plenary session was the approval of the manifesto for 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. The deputies have approved this text, which was drafted and agreed by all the Andalusian Provincial Councils in a meeting that took place in the Provincial Council of Almeria last September.

This manifesto will be read and disseminated through all the town councils in the province as the culmination of a series of commemorative and awareness-raising activities against gender violence that will take place on that day and will be accompanied by a campaign whose image and content was also agreed among the eight Provincial Councils at the meeting in Almería.

The manifesto, which was read out in today’s plenary session by the Deputy for Equality and Family, Ana Lourdes Ramírez, details the designation by the UN of 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and recalls the terrible figures of victims that have occurred this year with 50 murders. It is recalled that Andalusia is the region with the highest number of gender-based murders, with 16.

The manifesto concludes by showing the institutional commitment against this scourge: “The Andalusian Provincial Councils consider that gender violence is a serious violation of human rights, and that the unrenounceable development of actions for the effectiveness of the principle of equality in our territories is fundamental for its elimination”, and sets out a series of commitments made by the eight councils to implement in Andalusian municipalities such as increasing efforts in rural areas, contributing to the prevention of gender violence at an early age, raising awareness in society or reinforcing public/private collaboration against male violence.

More provincial investment

The provincial deputies have unanimously validated the eighth list of works of the Provincial Plans that promote the investment of more than 1.3 million euros for works to improve services and infrastructure in the municipalities of Terque, Bacares and Tabernas.

With this new investment, the provincial institution has already activated more than 66 million euros for these projects to modernise and create public services throughout the province for the current four-year period 2020-23. The spokesman for the government team, Fernando Giménez, stressed the importance of these actions, especially for the smaller municipalities, and highlighted the high degree of adjudication of the works approved in the Plenary, which exceeds 80%.

Institutional declaration in favour of agriculture

As agreed at the last plenary session of the Diputación, held on 29 September, an institutional declaration has been approved by all the political groups of the Corporation to establish World Agriculture Day as recognition and tribute to the Almeria countryside. World Agriculture Day is celebrated on 9 September with the aim of honouring and paying tribute to farmers and generating awareness and knowledge of the importance of agricultural activity for humanity.

This institutional declaration proposes to officially recognise World Agriculture Day as a day of tribute to the province’s farmers, establishing activities and events that highlight the importance of this activity in the province. It also proposes to continue to promote the creation of a programme of recognition and awards for farmers and agricultural companies that stand out for their good practices, innovation or their contribution to the provincial economy.

Finally, it is proposed to continue working in collaboration with agricultural associations and provincial educational institutions to develop the activities to be carried out on World Agriculture Day.

Another of the motions approved unanimously was one for the promotion and enhancement of the Cuartel de la Misericordia de Almería to promote collaboration between the different administrations for the improvement and conservation of this heritage and historical enclave, including its patio de los Naranjos.

Finally, following a unanimously approved motion for the implementation of a Municipal Cemeteries Plan for towns with less than 1,500 inhabitants, the spokesman for the Government team, Fernando Giménez, announced that the Institution is going to present a cemeteries plan with the extension to municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants in 2024 to modernise and adapt these facilities, which will be more ambitious than the last one executed.

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