The Plaza del Cardenal Belluga in Murcia is left small in a “clamour” against Pedro Sánchez’s amnesty and pacts.

Image of the Plaza Belluga in Murcia, where the PP rally was held, called in all the cities of Spain, against the amnesty and the pacts of Pedro Sánchez.

The Plaza del Cardenal Belluga in Murcia has remained small this Sunday in the rally organised by the Popular Party to “protest” against the amnesty and the pacts of the leader of the socialists and acting president, Pedro Sánchez.

With the square and the surrounding streets full, the president of the PP of the Region of Murcia, Fernando López Miras, led the rally together with the mayor of Murcia, José Ballesta. The first to speak was precisely the mayor of the city, “today we are here to show that there is a Spain that grows in harmony, union and freedom. With a flag that represents us, and reminds us of all the good things we have done and are going to do,” he said.

Ballesta continued, “this is the Spain that believes in its own destiny, a responsibility that belongs to all Spaniards without distinction. Today we are here so that no one can benefit from our silence and no one can count on our resignation”.

The mayor recalled the Constitution of 1978 and “our fathers”, “who overcame a difficult situation and laid the foundations for our future, giving political form to a nation, in freedom of rights and obligations”.

The mayor alluded to the separation of powers and the parliamentary monarchy. “National sovereignty resides in all the Spanish people”, which is why we will not allow “neither fiscal benefits nor pro-independence blackmail”. “With temperance but with courage we are going to defend the values that articulate the oldest state in Europe”, he concluded.

For his part, López Miras, who was in charge of reading the united manifesto of the Partido Popular, stressed “today we say no to Amnesty, no to the pacts of shame. I want to thank you for being here today, regardless of ideologies”.

The leader of the ‘popular’ Murcian has indicated that Democracy “is not only about voting every four years, we must defend it every day, because you are seeing that the Constitution and Democracy has enemies”.

“Today is not a day to cry on anyone’s shoulder, but to be clear that Spain will be stronger than the ambition of a few”, said López Miras, adding “enough of humiliating, manipulating and buying the pro-independence arguments”.

“An aspiring prime minister who has promised a fugitive from justice freedom, but Spain is worth much more than seven votes. The Amnesty is proof of his lack of word, marketing with the equality of Spaniards,” he criticised.

López Miras asserted that Pedro Sánchez “will be president, but he has the rejection of the majority of Spaniards”, and addressed those who voted for the PP, PSOE and Vox, “this is only a provisional triumph, because this outcry is the beginning of a fight for justice and we will lead it all together and united”.

Under the title ‘In defence of the equality of all Spaniards’, the President of the PP of the Region of Murcia read the manifesto, the text of which reads: “Today Spaniards are heard with a single voice from the squares all over the country. Today Spain is a clamour for equality, dignity, justice, coexistence and diversity. In every corner of our territory we say: No to privilege. No to impunity. No to amnesty.

“On this occasion, the threat is doubled because it is the President of the Government who, after losing the elections and with the sole intention of perpetuating himself in power, has put himself at the forefront of the pro-independence movement that seeks to defeat the State”, adds the text.

The Partido Popular has called for demonstrations this Sunday in the squares of the 52 provincial capitals. All members of the national leadership, led by the party’s president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, have been present at the protests.

In all of them, the same manifesto has been read, which also highlights the resilience of the Spanish nation, “with centuries of history” and which “has never been silent and will never be silent in the face of inequality and has always known how to overcome difficulties”.

“We also did so when Catalan separatism struck a blow against the Constitution and coexistence, and we will do so again now that it is trying again, led by the one who should be the first to prevent it,” the text stresses.

The text continues “they are selling the freedom and equality of Spaniards and they do it as criminals usually do: by hiding, hiding, deceiving. The governability of our country has been decided outside our country”.

On the other hand, the manifesto notes, “they have gone outside Spain in their attempt to destroy Spanish democracy. They do not show their faces. We do. We do not hide. We do not get down on our knees before those who hate democracy. Nor do we go far away, but we go out into the streets and squares of our nation, proud of our democracy, proud of our judges, proud of our police, proud of our citizens, proud of our Constitution. Proud of Spain.

“They want our silence, but they will have a calm and firm response. We are convinced that Spanish democracy will prevail. One day history will tell that Spain stood up, with serenity and firmness, to say enough is enough and to defend equality among Spaniards. Spain does not surrender”, concludes the manifesto read by López Miras.

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