Improvements to the A-334 as it passes through Armuña and Tíjola

The delegate for Public Works visits the signalling improvements at intersections where several accidents have occurred in recent years.

The Territorial Delegate of the Regional Ministry of Development, Territorial Coordination and Housing, Dolores Martínez, has visited a section of the A-334 road, which has an Average Daily Intensity of 5,090 vehicles per day and where in the last 5 years there have been several accidents, especially at the two intersections that are at the same level, this being a section with a risk to road safety.

Dolores Martínez, accompanied by the mayors of Armuña del Almanzora, Pedro Antonio Guerrero and Tíjola, José Juan Martínez, toured the works to improve the signposting on the two adjacent junctions on this stretch which affect both municipalities, in which the Junta de Andalucía has invested 42,478 euros and which have been executed in a month and a half.

The delegate stressed that the purpose of the works is to improve the vertical signposting of these intersections “with the aim of improving road safety in the area” and stressed that significantly optimising road safety “is a priority objective for the government of Juanma Moreno, as we are talking about the fact that safe roads save lives”.

Intersection to Tíjola

At the access intersection to Tíijola there had been incidents such as pedestrians walking on the road and crossing the road to carry out formalities at the Guardia Civil barracks located some 500 metres from the town centre. There were also left turns in front of this centre as there is a blockage in the continuous line that allows them at a point that was originally only to be used by the Guardia Civil, but since the opening of a new street in front of the barracks, these turns have increased and there have been more frequent cases of dangerous situations.

For the intersection at kilometre point 41+300, the Junta has placed P-20 light signals to warn of the presence of pedestrians on the road, and R-301 speed limit signs (maximum permitted speed of 60 km/h). The signage has also been modified to avoid the left turn previously authorised and which should only be carried out by officers.

These actions have been completed with the change of maximum speed signs at kilometre point 41+800 for others with light reinforcement that allow the information on the sign to be highlighted by introducing LEDs following the contours of the sign and the pictogram. In this way, the whole of the sign is highlighted, so that the information transmitted attracts the driver’s attention.

There are also transversal reflective warning strips with highlights that act as an acoustic and vibrating warning signal to alert drivers that it may be necessary to take preventive action, such as in this case respecting the 60 km/h maximum speed, crossing and change of direction signs.

Smart junction in Armuña

For the access intersection to Armuña del Almanzora, at kilometre point 42+800, an “intelligent crossing” has been designed and implemented with dynamic warning systems at the intersection, consisting of a variable signalling system that warns drivers of the proximity of another vehicle at the intersection, so that they can be extremely careful and moderate their speed to avoid a possible accident. When the system detects the presence of a vehicle approaching the junction, it alerts vehicles travelling on the main trunk of the A-334 of this situation, activating the light signals.

The system consists of two light signals that can display the pictogram P-1, P-1a or P-1b depending on the traffic detected, with a light reinforcement consisting of 4 high-efficiency spotlights and the reinforcement text “Vehicle at junction”, complemented by two Stop light alerts at junctions perpendicular to the main road, as well as the construction of transversal reflective warning strips with highlights.


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