The demolition of buildings on the front line of the Mar Menor continues in the La Manga area.

In the image above, a house that partially occupied the public maritime-terrestrial domain on the Poniente beach in La Manga. Below, demolition work on the irregular constructions.

The “protection and morphological recovery of the shore of the Mar Menor” is one of the lines of intervention set out by the Ministry in its plan to combat the environmental degradation of the lagoon. This includes the demolition of buildings that invade the maritime-terrestrial public domain, a task that has had as its latest action on the ground the demolition of the terrace and the perimeter wall of a house on the Poniente beach in La Manga. This was confirmed by sources from the Coastal Demarcation in the Region of Murcia.

In a recent report, the Ministry also informed that “82 cases have been initiated to determine the concessionary rights of the registered owners of properties located in the maritime-terrestrial public domain”. Twelve cases “have already been resolved” as follows: “six occupations remain without a title of occupation, but it has not yet been possible to initiate their removal as they are pending administrative or judicial decisions, or are waiting for the courts to authorise entry into the home so that the administration can carry them out in a subsidiary manner; in one of the occupations, the interested parties have obtained authorisation to carry out the demolitions at their own expense; and five have already been removed”.

El Carmolí, Rasall and La Hita
In addition, Costas plans to launch “in the next few weeks the demarcation proceedings in the areas of El Carmolí and the sandbanks and dunes near the Rasall salt flats”, in Calblanque. In 2024, it will push ahead with that of the La Hita wetland.


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