2.4 earthquake shakes Cartagena coastline

Epicentre of the earthquake that ‘bathed’ Cabo de Palos, IGN

On Wednesday afternoon, the coast of Cabo de Palos experienced an earthquake with a magnitude of 2.4 on the Richter scale, according to data provided by the National Geographic Institute. The epicentre of this telluric event was located to the northeast of the coast of Cartagena, in marine waters, and was recorded at a depth of two kilometres at 17:29 hours.

Although the magnitude of the earthquake was low, generating a mild shaking, it is crucial to note that any seismic activity can arouse the attention of the community and local authorities. No significant damage or incidents related to this tremor have been reported so far.

The National Geographic Institute will continue to monitor seismic activity in the region to ensure the safety of the population and provide updated information in case of additional events. It is essential that residents are informed about seismic safety protocols and follow the recommendations of local authorities.


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