The PP asks to vote to “put an end to the lies and corruption of Pedro Sánchez”

The Deputy Secretary of Organization of the PP of Almería, Fernando Giménez, has asked the people of Almería, in a public event that was held in Olula del Río, that next Sunday they go to vote en masse for the PP to “put an end to the lies and the corruption of Pedro Sánchez” and thank Carmen Crespo for everything she has done for a region that was abandoned to its fate, with the Socialist Party in the Board, and in which in the last five years, with Juanma Moreno, investment has been made. and executed infrastructures that had been in a drawer for years, such as the Almanzora Highway.

Together with the national representative, Ana Martínez Labella; the coordinator of Social Inclusion, Youth, Family and Equality in Almanzora, Francisco Bellido; the mayor of Olula del Río, Antonio Martínez Pascual; and the mayor of Alcóntar, Antonio Ramón Salas, Fernando Giménez has lamented the situation in which Spain finds itself today and has criticized Sánchez’s new letter to the citizens, “a president more concerned with amnesty his wife than with resolving the issues.” problems of the Spanish.” For this reason, he has asked the people of Almeria to take to the streets on Sunday 9-J in the face of this amnesty and respond with a massive vote to the Popular Party. 

“I encourage you to unite the vote around the PP, we cannot stay at home because we have sufficient reasons to tell Pedro Sánchez that we do not agree with the situation to which he has led our country, that above all we defend the unity of Spain and that we want a Government that works for the dreams of this valley and the province as the Government of Juanma Moreno has done,” he explained. 

Fernando Giménez has insisted that “the 9J Almería has a lot at stake” and has asked the residents of Almanzora to take into account the large investments that the PP, with Carmen Crespo in the Junta de Andalucía, has carried out in water matters in this region.

“In Almanzora there are hard-working, honest men and women, who have not been given anything, who have moved this land forward with their sweat and that is why I am convinced that next Sunday they are going to throw their lot behind the PP and the candidate number 2 to Parliament, to thank you for all the promises kept these years”, he concluded.

For her part, the national representative, Ana Martínez Labella, has asked for mobilization because Europe is very important in the daily lives of citizens and “we need to have a powerful voice in Brussels that defends the interests of the province.” 

Martínez Labella has described as “unprecedented” the situation that exists in Spain with a president who has only been able to carry out the Amnesty Law, which is why he has insisted on the need to concentrate the vote in the Popular Party, to say stop and of course “we do not agree with his policies, nor with his decision to sell Spain by seven votes.” 

“The legislature is exhausted and next Sunday we are going to tell Pedro Sánchez openly what the exit door is. We are going to mobilize because the only alternative to Sanchismo is to vote for the PP,” he expressed.

The coordinator of Social Inclusion, Youth, Family and Equality in Almanzora, Francisco Bellido, recalled that 70% of the policies applied in the town councils come from the EU, which is the one that decides the rules of the game that are then applied by the municipalities. That is why he has stressed the need to “have a strong government in Europe that defends the interests of the province.”

“On Sunday we have to mobilize, go to vote and not waste the opportunity to have Carmen Crespo as number 2 in the European Parliament, because she has already shown us that she is an endorsement for this region and that she has dedicated herself to her whenever we have. needed,” he stated.

For their part, both the mayor of Olula del Río, Antonio Martínez Pascual, and that of Alcóntar, Antonio Ramón Salas, have thanked Carmen Crespo for the important push she has given to the region as Minister of Agriculture of the Board, betting on the water infrastructures and the Almanzora Highway, demanded for almost 40 years by the residents of this region and which today is a reality thanks to the fulfilled commitment of Juanma Moreno.

Both have addressed the people of Almería to ask them to vote for the PP, because it is important for the province and for this valley. “The only ballot that will defend the province of Almería, which represents the future, the unity of Spain and the hope, is that of the Popular Party, that is why next Sunday, everyone will vote for the PP and for Carmen Crespo” , they have concluded

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