The PP prevails in 18 of the 26 towns in Almanzora

The European elections held this Sunday have seen lower participation throughout the country and the Almanzora region has not been the exception. In Spain more than 11 points less compared to 2019, although it must be said that five years ago, the event included the municipal elections, so perhaps the most advisable thing when making comparisons is with respect to the 2014 elections. . 

If we compare participation in 2014 and 2024, we will see that nationwide, this Sunday, June 9, participation has increased by 4.3 percent.

Once the data is revealed, we will see that in the Almanzora region, in the majority of its municipalities the Popular party has defeated the Socialist party, the two great opponents, with Vox establishing itself as a third force, a product of the strategic vote where no decides government and the voter does not concentrate the vote.

The Popular Party won this Sunday in the municipalities of Albanchez, Albox, Alcóntar, Arboleas, Armuña del Almanzora, Bayarque, Cóbdar, Fines, Laroya, Macael, Olula del Río, Oria, Partaloa, Sierro, Taberno, Tíjola, Urrácal and Zurgena .

While the socialists maintain the towns of Bacares, Cantoria, Chercos, Líjar, Lúcar, Purchena, Serón and Suflí.

Thus, in  Albanchez  the PP won with 40.54%, with 90 votes compared to the 37.38% that the PSOE obtained with 83 votes obtained. In this first case we can see that the percentages vary enormously due to the drop in participation. In 2019, 371 residents voted in Albanchez while in 2024, 226 have done so. 

In  Albox , this Sunday the Popular party won, obtaining 1,454 votes, compared to the 827 votes garnered by the Socialist party. Participation has been 40.87%, while five years ago 65 percent of the electoral roll voted. In 2019 the PP got 1,790 votes and the PSOE 1,627. The PP lost 336 votes compared to 2019, while the Albojenses socialists have lost 800 votes, that is, almost half of the support.

In  Alcóntar,  participation this year has been 62.47% of the registry, almost 20 points less than in 2019 where 82.59 percent of the registered residents cast their vote. On Sunday, June 9, the Popular party won the elections in this town in Alto Almanzora, with 168 votes (57.52%), while the PSOE has achieved 64 supports (21.91%). Five years ago the PP obtained 185 votes and the PSOE 112.

In  Arboleas,  the peculiarity is that the electoral roll has fallen by 894 people. If in 2019, the census was 2,196 people, in 2024 it is 1,302. Brexit has caused this considerable decline in a municipality where the English community had a large presence, making this town in lower Almanzora one of those with the most British neighbors. With a participation rate of 42.39 percent, the PP won this Sunday with 228 votes compared to the PSOE’s 165 votes. The PP increases 29 votes compared to 2019, while the PSOE loses 322 supports.

In  Armuña del Almanzora , 100 percent of the votes were counted, the PP was the winner of the European elections with 69 votes compared to the 53 obtained by the PSOE. The trend of five years ago is reversed when the Socialists doubled the Popular Party and won the European elections by 116 to 50.

In  Bacares,  out of a census of 227 people, 134 went to vote, or 59.03 percent of the registry. The PSOE has won by 73 votes against 41 of the popular ones. The socialists left 48 supports behind since in 2019 they obtained 121 votes. The PP loses 7 votes compared to 2019.

In  Bayarque  the PP obtained 50.5% of the votes (50 votes) compared to the PSOE’s 32.32% (32 votes).

In  Cantoria , one of the socialist strongholds of the Almanzora region, the PSOE won by 606 votes compared to the 420 that the PP obtained. The striking note has been placed by the data that indicates that in 2019 the Cantoria socialists obtained 633 more votes than on this occasion, or in other words, they have lost more than half of the support. Participation has fallen by 18 points compared to 2019.

In  Chercos  the census is 255 people and 51.76 percent of the population participated, that is, 132 people. The result has given the winner to the PSOE, which obtained 50 votes compared to 40 for the PP. Participation in 2019 was 85.65 percent.

In the municipality of  Cóbdar,  one of the smallest in the region, the census is 169 voters. The Popular party has won with 64.28 percent of the votes (45) compared to 21.42 (15) for the PSOE.

In  Fines  the Popular party has won the European elections with 324 votes compared to the 245 obtained by the PSOE. In 2019, the PP also won by 548 votes compared to 406 for the socialist party.

Laroya  continues to prefer the Popular party, which has achieved 50.57 percent of support, compared to 17.24% for the PSOE, closely followed by VOX with 13.79%. The PP has won but has lost 38 votes compared to 2019, when the second force was Ciudadanos.

In the town of  Líjar,  on a census of 324 people and a participation of 45.37 percent, the PSOE has won with 42.17 percent of the votes compared to 29.93 for the PP. In 2019, the socialists obtained 53.76% of support compared to 16.78% of the popular ones. In terms of number of votes, the PSOE has lost 95 votes compared to 2019, since five years ago 157 residents voted for it and this Sunday 62. The PP in 2019 had 49 votes and in 2024, 44 votes.

In  Lúcar,  the only municipality in the region where Ciudadanos governs, the PSOE has won by two votes compared to the PP. The socialists obtained 108 votes compared to the 106 obtained by the popular ones. Ciudadanos has obtained 7 votes compared to the 148 it obtained in 2019.

Macael  has a census of 4,356 people eligible to vote. The Popular party has won with 42.06 percent of the votes with 984 supports, compared to 35.06 percent of the PSOE, which obtained 756 supports. The two-party system has lost votes, the PP got 407 fewer votes while the PSOE, which won the European elections with 1,505 votes, has lost 749 supports. The one that is consolidating itself as the third force is VOX, which has gone from 176 votes to 229 support.

In  Olula del Río  the Popular Party has also managed to win these European elections. If four years ago the socialists were the winners of this electoral event, this time the PP obtains victory with 993 votes and 42% of support. The PSOE, which moved to second position, obtained 738 votes and 31%. In this town VOX continues to have considerable weight. He has even managed to increase the data from four years ago to 312 votes and 13% support. SALF also breaks into the Olula del Río electorate with 123 votes and Ciudadanos, which in 2019 obtained 334 votes, in this Sunday’s elections has barely achieved 20 votes. It should be noted that the PSOE has lost practically half of its support in these elections. It has gone from 1,458 votes in 2019 to the 738 obtained this Sunday.

In  Oria  the PP has won the European elections. The popular ones have managed to turn around in these elections, just as they have been doing in the last electoral events. The PP has achieved 328 votes and 46.6% of support, compared to 191 ballots and 27% for the PSOE. VOX in third position achieves the support of 116 residents of this municipality of Almanzora. Here participation has fallen by 29 points and the census has also been reduced by 302 residents compared to 2019. The PSOE has dropped by more than 350 votes in these European elections in Oria, if we compare it with what happened five years ago.

In  Partaloa  these European elections have been won by the PP. Unlike what happened in 2019, the Popular Party won with 85 votes compared to the 48 that the PSOE obtained. VOX has achieved 25 ballots. The participation rate in 2024 was 49.1% and five years ago 36.1% voted. In this municipality that has historically had a large percentage of foreigners, the census has decreased considerably; They have gone from 736 to 366 residents with the right to vote today.

In  Purchena  the PSOE has won as it has done historically except for the last municipal elections. Once again the Purcheneros have given the majority to the PSOE in the European elections with 273 votes, although they have lost half of the ballots from five years ago. The PP has achieved a similar result, 202 votes this year and 221 votes in 2019.

In  Serón  the PSOE has won with 46% and 437 votes. Although it has lost more than 200 votes compared to the European votes five years ago, in this town the socialists continue to win. The PP in second position with a result very similar to that of 2019, with 359 votes and 38% of support. VOX third with 61 ballots and SALF 27 votes.

In the municipality of  Sierro,  the Popular Party has won with 40.9% of support and 68 votes. The PSOE with 36.7% of the votes and 61 votes came in second place. The two majority parties have dropped considerably in number of votes. And the participation in this small town in our region has also been much lower, as has happened in all the towns of Almanzora. The PSOE won five years ago with 134 votes. And on that occasion the PP obtained 99 votes.

In  Suflí  the PSOE has won again in the European elections. Unlike what happens locally, in this small town in our region its neighbors have once again voted for the socialist candidate in the European elections. Specifically, the PSOE has achieved 33 votes. The PP 23, VOX in third position with 18 votes and SALF bursts into Suflí with 9 votes from the neighbors.

In  Tíjola  the PP has won. In this 9-J election, he obtained 684 votes and 47.3% of the support. The PSOE lost the elections with 29% of the voters and 421 votes. VOX 186 votes and 12% of the support of the Tijoleños who went to vote this Sunday. Specifically, the participation figure for this town in our region has been 52% compared to the 80.6% participation rate five years ago.

In the municipality of  Urrácal,  the Popular Party has won with two fewer votes than in the 2019 elections. Specifically, with 88 votes, it has obtained 49% of the support. The PSOE has achieved 57 votes in this Sunday’s elections, compared to 136 5 years ago, when it won the elections, and today, it has 31% of the votes cast. It must be taken into account that in 2019 the participation in Urrácal was 90% and in this year’s elections it was barely 65%.

In  Zurgena  the Popular Party has won, unlike what happened in 2019 when the PSOE won. The PP has achieved 56.8% and 413 votes, compared to 152 and 20% of the Socialist Party’s support. VOX in third position has received 110 votes in this Sunday’s elections.

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