Albox faces sentences of more than 500,000 euros for non-compliance by previous governments

The Albox City Council will have to face six convictions for non-payment of invoices from recent years, which amount to a debt of 523,829 euros; an amount that conditions the management capacity of the government presided over by María del Mar Alfonso, taking into account that these payment obligations exceed, for example, the investment chapter of the 2024 budget, as explained by the local City Council through a press release.

Added to this is the payment in the last year of more than two million euros in outstanding invoices for materials, works, services, events and all kinds of concepts, which the former mayor Francisco Torrecillas had left in the drawers.

These are convictions with payment schedules that have been systematically breached and which, in several cases, entail an extra cost of interest that increases the debt of the residents of Albox.

In order to comply with the various court orders, the current government team has had to approve in plenary session a budget modification for the 2024 financial year that allows the debt to be assumed by withdrawing money from other items. “This government team is forced to make a budget modification to meet the payment schedule for legal and contentious matters of previous governments. Other items will be reduced in order to be able to pay the sentences resulting from the non-compliance of previous governments” explains the mayor of Albox, María del Mar Alfonso.

The oldest of the disputes dates back to 2012. The company EULEN Servicios Sociosanitarios is claiming unpaid invoices worth 61,878 euros. Payment obligations claimed by the courts that the former mayor Torrecillas has not assumed during his years in government and that are now being paid by the current team led by Alfonso.

The second ruling, also against the company EULEN Servicios Sociosanitarios and generated by unpaid invoices, dates back to 2017 and the courts are forcing Albox City Council to pay 71,245 euros. A payment schedule that the current municipal government is complying with.

The same is happening with the third conviction against this same company and generated by services provided between 2016-2018. 117,418 euros of unpaid invoices to which must be added 56,310 euros of interest. In total 226,728 euros that the PP government will finish paying according to the payment schedule, in 2027.

A lawyer, an advisor to the mayor’s office, is demanding unpaid invoices for his services from 2015 amounting to 75,582 euros. A sentence with a payment schedule that former mayor Torrecillas interrupted in 2019 and is now being paid by the current municipal government.

The fifth ruling is related to this well-known lawyer and dates back to 2016. A debt for unpaid invoices of 34,667 euros that no one has paid in all these years and that will now be paid by Alfonso’s government over the next two years.

In addition to the debt mentioned above, there is the sixth conviction with payment obligations affecting the government of the former mayor, Francisco Torrecillas, which rules in favour of the company Construcciones MAYGAR for the urbanisation of the new street, next to the Huerto de Los Frailes. The former mayor Francisco Torrecillas has left 53,721 euros unpaid, and now the government of María del Mar Alfonso must face the debt.

“There are more than 520,000 euros in court rulings alone that we will finish complying with in 2027. In addition to the numerous unpaid bills that, even today, continue to reach us with all kinds of concepts from the government of former mayor Torrecillas” explains the mayor of Albox, while adding that “we are going to give economic and financial stability to the municipality of Albox and to do so we must comply and prevent the debt from becoming an endless inheritance for the residents of our town”.

The budget modification to be able to pay the six sentences of previous governments has been approved in plenary session unanimously by all the councillors present; 8 votes from the PP, 3 PSOE and 2 councillors from UCIN.

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